Sex Strike Activist Alyssa Milano Releases Abortion Map to Inform Hollywood Where They Should and Shouldn't Film

Incensed over her failure to stop Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) from signing the state’s fetal heartbeat bill into law last month, but emboldened by her role in getting close pal and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden to flip on the Hyde Amendment, abortion queen and sex strike activist Alyssa Milano is on a new mission.


Variety reports on a state-by-state abortion map she collaborated on that will help inform Hollywood virtue signalers where they should and should not film:

In response to the introduction of multiple “heartbeat bills” across the country, actress and advocate Alyssa Milano has created a shoot location tool for filmmakers that lists the status of abortion legislation in all 50 states. The bills have caused uproar in Hollywood and inspired boycotts in production-heavy states like Georgia.

“Following the passage of a number of draconian attacks on a pregnant person’s right to choose in 2019, including those in states in which the motion picture and television industries conduct significant business, it has become apparent that those in our industry need to be able to make informed choices,” Milano and activist co-author Ben Jackson said in a mission statement accompanying the report.

The survey, published exclusively with Variety, is meant to help actors, producers, directors and studios decide “where it is safe for women to work.”


In addition to the toolkit/map, Milano is working with Atlanta’s (Democrat) mayor on an app that would pinpoint areas they believe progressive safe space Hollywood types in Georgia should avoid:

She is also working with Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to develop an app location managers in Georgia could use that would guarantee not spending money in places that fund voter suppression or inequality, according to Variety.

There are Democrat governors in certain “under threat” and “most threatened” states who won’t like that the map was released. My state, for example, is controlled by pro-life Republicans in the state legislature but we have a pro-abortion Democratic governor here (Roy Cooper).

In April, Cooper vetoed a Born Alive bill that would have provided protections for babies who survive botched abortions. Because Republicans don’t have a super-majority here anymore, they tried but failed to fully override the veto.

In spite of the political makeup of this state, which for now ensures that pro-life legislation has no chance, Milano chose to list it as “under threat.”

Quite frankly, I wish she would have listed it as “most threatened” because I’d prefer sanctimonious Hollywood hypocrites like Milano be so outraged as to not step one foot inside this state.


I pray for so-called “feminists” like Alyssa Milano, who have made it their life’s mission to guarantee a woman’s “right” to terminate the life of their unborn child. Ghouls like Milano feel like states should prioritize cold hard cash ahead of protecting innocent unborn life. That she feels like that stance puts her on a higher moral ground than pro-life advocates speaks volumes about her character – and none of it good.

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