WATCH: AL Gov. Kay Ivey Shuts Down CBS Journo's Use of Pro-Abortion Talking Point During Presser

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R). Screen grab via CBS This Morning.
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R)
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R). Screen grab via CBS This Morning.

Democratic candidates for president, their feminist allies, the Hollywood left, and the mainstream media are in a full-blown panic over recent fetal heartbeat bills that have been signed into law in states like Georgia and Alabama.


Perhaps more so than any other issue, the mainstream media’s write-ups about pro-life bills make it very easy to determine which side they are on in the abortion debate. The extreme pro-abortion bills that were proposed and passed in some liberal states were not met with the CODE RED coverage that pro-life bills have been over the last few weeks.

Case in point: Jericka Duncan from CBS News, who took a talking point straight out of the Planned Parenthood playbook during a presser done with Alabama’s Gov. Kay Ivey Wednesday.

Newsbusters reports:

Meanwhile, on the CBS Evening News, correspondent Jericka Duncan suggested “the Alabama bill has reignited the debate over abortion,” effectively showing how they ignore the longtime efforts of the pro-life movement.

Duncan also pressed Governor Ivey: “Where is the money coming from to support people who aren’t ready to be mothers or aren’t financially stable to take care of a child?” “You simply cannot defer protecting lives of unborn children because of cost,” Ivey pushed back.

Watch the exchange between Duncan and Ivey below:


Similarly, CNN‘s Jessica Ravitz did a piece earlier this week on how Alabama cares for babies once they’re born. The headline read “Alabama says it wants to protect life. How does that claim stack up outside the womb?” but also included a few paragraphs on their sex education programs and the state’s position on guns and the death penalty.

These questions and articles are all spinoffs of talking points we often see from prominent pro-abortion figures, including groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Best that unwanted baby be aborted, they say. Wouldn’t want to subject it to the possibility that it might have a bad start at life once it is born.

And the ones around guns and the death penalty are meant to insinuate that you can’t possibly call yourself “pro-life” and also be pro-Second Amendment and pro-death penalty (those issues, btw, have nothing to do with abortion and the sanctity of unborn life, but they want you to think they do).


Look for more biased questions and articles like Duncan’s and Ravitz’s in the future as more red states push for pro-life protections. It’s just what they do.

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