Unhinged Feminist: Pro-Life Men Should Be Forced to Mutilate Their Man Parts for "Every Pregnancy They Create"

Feminist and author Jill Filipovic. Screen grab via MSNBC.
Jill Filipovic
Feminist and author Jill Filipovic. Screen grab via MSNBC.

It’s not unusual for feminist and author Jill Filipovic to join in with other unhinged leftists when they feel their precious “right” to abortion is under attack, and this week has been no exception.


Unhappy with the recent fetal heartbeat bills signed into law in states like Georgia and Alabama, Filipovic – who is militantly pro-abortion – took to the Twitter machine Thursday to make vile suggestions regarding men who are pro-life:


The mutilation part really requires no response and speaks for itself (and speaks volumes about Filipovic), but note how she puts 100% of the blame for a woman getting pregnant on the man:

Require that a quarter inch be cut off of a man’s penis for every pregnancy he creates ….

Honestly what if we just forced a quarter of men to be incontinent with every pregnancy they created?

So men just magically “create” pregnancies all on their own? I thought women were involved in the process, too. Silly me.


In all seriousness, this is just another reason why I will not ever call myself a feminist again and am so glad to have left that movement long ago. You can’t argue that men are 100% responsible for a pregnancy but then say they should have no input into whether the unborn baby gets a chance at life or not.

As Gabriel Hays at Newsbusters writes, this is nothing new for Filipovic:

Filipovic is prone to hysteria. [She] once asked American women to “divorce [their] Republican husbands” during the Kavanaugh debacle.

Filipovic is no stranger to controversy, either. Back in March, the New York Times columnist despicably used Sen. Martha McSally’s (R-AZ) emotional rape story to take cheap political potshots at the Senator’s expense, proving once again that there is no low to which feminists will not stoop.

And when she’s not advocating for the mandatory mutilation of pro-life men, she’s busy suggesting Supreme Court Justices base their rulings on “social pressure” rather than the rule of law:


I am shocked, shocked that there are “feminists” out there who prefer judges and justices make their rulings based on feelings and societal pressure rather than actual law. Shocked!

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