Good News: Fundraising Efforts Show Bully Brian Sims's Mission to Silence Pro-Lifers Has Backfired Spectacularly

Pro-life and anti-abortion advocates demonstrate in front of the Supreme Court early Monday, June 25, 2018. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

We’ve written extensively over the last week about Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims (D) and his efforts to bully and dox pro-life activists at a local Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia into silence. He harassed, mocked the faith of, and demanded the address of an elderly woman, and offered his social media followers $100 to dox young girls who were praying in front of the center.


His only “apology” has been a non-apology where he pledged to Planned Parenthood that he would do better in the future.

As a result of Sims’s reprehensible behavior, pro-life warriors like Lila Rose, Abby Johnson, and Matt Walsh are set to appear at a rally Friday at the very same Planned Parenthood clinic where these incidents happened:

Not only that, but all the negative publicity Sims has received for his actions has helped raise money that will go towards saving more unborn lives.

Joe Garecht, the father of the two teen girls who – along with their friend – Sims endangered on social media by way of his video doxing offer, started a GoFundMe page in response in order to help local pro-life efforts. The results have been amazing.

Here’s what Garecht wrote:

On Holy Thursday (April 18, 2019) my wife, two teenage daughters, and their friend were peacefully praying outside of a Planned Parenthood in Center City Philadelphia when a man started yelling at them… after ranting at them for several minutes, he left, and returned with his cell phone to record the above video.

It turns out that the man is an elected official. Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims. In his video, later posted on Twitter, Rep. Sims not only attempts to shame them for praying for the unborn babies facing abortion, but offers viewers $100 if they will identify the teen girls in the video.

It’s bad enough that a grown man would be trying to dox three teenage girls. It’s even worse that he is an elected official. I’ve got two responses to these despicable actions by “Representative” Sims:

First, Brian, if you have a problem with my wife and daughters praying outside of an abortion clinic, I’m the one you can talk to… instead of harassing teenage girls.

It seems like you like to pick on women, teenagers, and senior citizens (see him harass a senior citizen who was praying by clicking here ). That’s shameful, and unacceptable.

Second, I have a challenge for the pro-life community. Rep. Sims offered $100 to anyone who would identify these teenage girls for him. Instead of $100, let’s join together to donate $100,000 to the pro-life movement.


Garecht pledged that all money raised would go directly to the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.

As of this writing, he’s raised nearly $99,000 of his $100,000 goal.

On a related note, there are calls for Sims to resign. And the Republican Party in Pennsylvania has also gotten involved, and has called for an investigation into Sims’s actions in his capacity as an elected offical.

Democrats and the national media are still mostly silent on this issue, too. Odd.

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