AUDIO: AL Dem Who Said Trump, Jr. Should've Been Aborted Says Doug Jones Privately Agreed With Him

Alabama state Rep. John Rogers (D). Screen grab via WVTM-TV.
Alabama state Rep. John Rogers (D)
Alabama state Rep. John Rogers (D). Screen grab via WVTM-TV.

Last Thursday, I wrote about the deeply disturbing comments longtime Alabama Democratic state Rep. John Rogers made on the statehouse floor defending his vote against a pro-life bill. To recap, here’s what he said:


“Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair. So, you kill them now or you kill them later,” Rogers said.

Rogers also said abortion should be an option for women in cases where their unborn children are “retarded” or “half-deformed.”

As my Red State colleague Brandon Morse noted that night, Rogers went even further later, stating that Donald Trump, Jr. – who had earlier criticized his abortion position – was proof that women should always have the right to abortion “because [Trump, Jr.] is evidently retarded or crazy”:

When asked by WVTM to react to the president’s son, Rogers laughed, saying Trump Jr. was “proof” that women should have a right to an abortion and called his statement “stupid.”

He even suggested that Trump Jr. was “retarded or crazy.”

“I know there’s something wrong with that boy,” Rogers said. “I look at him and I can tell there’s something wrong with him. That’s the best defense I have for more abortions right there looking at him.”

Watch video of Rogers’s repulsive comments below:


Democratic Sen. Doug Jones said last week in response that Rogers should apologize for his comments on abortion and Trump, Jr. But in a radio interview today, Rogers said he and Jones had talked over the phone and that Jones told him he privately agreed with him but had to take the stance he did against him publicly because of politics:

“Well, he called me twice. He told me, ‘John, I know you’re right but I got to come out against you,'” Rogers confided. He then told the U.S. senator that was acceptable. “I said, ‘Okay,’ I said, ‘If it’s going to help your campaign, do that.’ That’s the kind of guy I am.”

Later, however, Rogers suggested Jones spoke with him again and things got more heated. After Jones yelled at him, Rogers was no longer willing to play along.

“Doug Jones felt like the things that you were saying on the floor were hurting him politically?” Murphy, the talk show host, asked.

“He issued an apology for me,” the state senator said. He went on to complain, “You don’t chastise me … it’s bigger than reelection, what I’m talking about.”


Rogers later said that the heated back and forth between him and Jones have him considering a possible challenge to Jones for his U.S. Senate seat:

“I was ready to give [to his campaign],” the legislator said. “I don’t want to run [against Jones]. I’ve got to raise a million dollars. If I raise a million, I’ll run; I can run a million-dollar campaign. If I’m go run, I’ll run to win.

“The way he treated me on the phone. Don’t call hollering and shouting at me.”

Rogers said he’ll “know in the two or three weeks whether I’ll run.”

As Alexandra DeSanctis points out, challenge or not, Jones’s record is in line with pro-abortion Democrats:

Regardless of whether Rogers is telling the truth, and regardless of the senator’s public condemnation of his remarks, Jones has already shown he entirely agrees with the Democratic representative on abortion policy. When he was running for the Senate in 2017, Jones told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that he doesn’t support any restrictions at all on a woman’s right to an abortion. And Jones proved it last January, when he voted against a 20-week abortion ban that 60 percent of Americans (including half of Democrats) support.


Jones may think he can run from his abortion record, but he certainly can’t hide from it.

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