She Persisted: Dem Strategist Says Gay Presidential Candidate's Popularity Is Due to Sexism or Something

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) announces his candidacy for president - 4/14/19. Screen grab via CSPAN.
Mayor Pete Buttigieg
South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) announces his candidacy for president – 4/14/19. Screen grab via CSPAN.

Just because the mainstream media has fallen in love with South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) doesn’t mean Democratic strategist Alexis Grenell has.


On a segment from CNN‘s “Newsroom” program last Friday, Grenell was invited on to talk about a piece she wrote for the Daily Beast on Mayor Pete in which she expressed disgust over the fact that he’s polling ahead of some of the female candidates for president like Sens. Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Kamala Harris (CA).

Here’s just some of what she wrote:

That’s why watching South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who represents a population smaller than a New York City council district, outpoll Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren makes many of us want to eat glass; an entirely rational reaction to a datapoint that might discourage anyone without a Y chromosome. What the 2020 presidential primary is already making clear is that, as one of us wrote about Ivanka Trump, it’s time to ditch empowerment politics that places the onus entirely on women to succeed and allows men to feel like they’re doing something for women without giving anything up.


While Biden and Sanders are well-established candidates with decades of public service and national name recognition, it’s galling to see previously obscure men with limited accomplishments like “Beto” and “Mayor Pete” leapfrog over women whose outsized accomplishments and respective résumés would put most people to shame. Smart girls are used to this, and the data backs us up.

Got that? To Grenell, accomplished women are always victims of a subconscious pro-male bias, and 4-year-old studies back her up!


As I’ve written before, trust me when I say this man-hating woman gives “shrieking harpy” a whole new meaning. There’s always a reason why, in her mind, that the female candidates are lagging behind the male candidates in polling, and it has nothing to do with the possibility that the female candidates and their ideas simply aren’t resonating with a majority of Democrats.

It’s all about – you guessed it – sexism. Because women could never be failures or in 4th or 5th place without sexism being behind it.

She used her time on CNN Friday to amplify her point:

“I think sexism is alive and well in 2020,” Grenell said during a Friday appearance on CNN’s Newsroom. “When we see smart, specific, incredibly qualified women articulating a vision, somehow that is less sexy than a mayor from a town that is barely 100,000 people, who won re-election with 8,500 votes and who thinks that policy is minutia. That is a huge problem and it’s ingrained in this larger systematic of smart women as somehow being less cool.”


“Mayor Pete is 37 and bright, and could, I think, probably be one of her a student in [Warren’s] classes,” Grenell said. “She’s the teacher and written 11 books while we’re obsessing over Pete Buttigieg loving Ulysses. This is absurd.”

Watch a partial segement of her interview below:


Just last month, Grenell was urging the white male candidates to drop out of the race altogether in order to allow a woman to win the nomination. Sound familiar?

The left’s obsession with identity politics rears its ugly head again, and in Grenell’s mind, even the gay candidate must step aside to make way for a female candidate to win because it’s never ever happened in our nation’s history before. Except when Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination in 2016, and nearly won it in 2008.

Inconvenient facts and all that.

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