Hero: Woman's Dad Reveals How an NFL Draft Pick Saved His Daughter From Sexual Assault

Dre Greenlaw
SF 49ers fifth-round draft pick Dre Greenlaw, a former linebacker for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Screen grab via Pig Trail Nation.

On the same day Arkansas Razorbacks linebacker Dre Greenlaw was picked in the fifth round by the San Francisco 49ers, a New York Giants fan logged on to Twitter to reveal something about the football player that few people knew about.


NBC Sports reports (note: the man’s name in the below report is actually Gerry Dales, not Daly):

It’s a call no parent ever hopes to receive. It’s the one that wakes them up in the wee hours, telling them one of their children is in the hospital.

It’s the call Gerry Daly and his wife received four years ago when their daughter was a freshman at the University of Arkansas.


Daly’s daughter had been taken to the emergency room, incapacitated and under the influence of what was believed to be alcohol. Tests, however, showed she had been drinking at the party she had attended, but she wasn’t drunk.


It took a few days for the Dalys to piece together what had happened to their daughter via text messages from her friends. All she could remember was talking with a guy at the party, and then waking up in the hospital with a few of her girlfriends around her. Eventually, the family came to the conclusion that the male had slipped something into her drink, causing her incapacitation.

Daly also discovered that the man tried to take his daughter from the party, but he was thwarted by a Razorbacks football player and his friend. If not for them, there’s no telling what might happened.


He found out the football player’s name: Dre Greenlaw.

Dales also told NBC Sports that he had tried to reach out to Greenlaw in the past to thank him but didn’t have any luck. He also said he resisted publicly posting about the incident in the past because he was concerned the circumstances surrounding the party might have gotten Greenlaw in trouble with the Razorbacks.

But now that he’s officially an NFL player, Dales took the opportunity to thank Greenlaw publicly for the first time in a series of tweets:


Congrats and thanks to Greenlaw indeed for doing the right thing.

Per Fox News, the newly-minted 49er retweeted a couple of Dales’s tweets but has not yet commented on the story.

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