Vox Writer: Male Presidential Candidates Should Show #Wokeness for Female Candidates by Stepping Aside

Ladies and gents, I am here to report to you some good news: Chivalry in politics is not dead just yet!

There has been a lotta lotta grumbling in Democratic circles over the fact that, in spite of the diversity of their presidential candidate field (young candidates, female candidates, black candidates, gay candidates, Asian-American candidates), the old white guys have consistently been polling at the top of the pack.


Because of this “concern”, some of the white guys in the race have taken to admitting to their “privilege” in order to show females and persons of color that they are down with the wokeness.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA-15) has even vowed to pick a female vice presidential candidate if he wins the nomination because he, you know, respects women so much.

But for Vox writer Matthew Yglesias, none of these gestures are enough. Male candidates for president must do one thing and one thing only to prove their commitment to treating women as equals on the playing field:

Drop out of the race and let a woman win.

It’s true. That’s really his suggestion:


I mean, nothing says “I’m down with viewing a woman as my equal” like urging her male opponents to step aside so she can get ahead, right?


And why should the men do this for the lady candidates? Because Democrats need more wins and stuff:



I should note for the record that Yglesias isn’t the first Democrat to make this suggestion. Democratic strategist Alexis Grenell told CNN‘s giggling Brooke Baldwin last month that the guys just needed to go away and let the women battle this one out:

GRENELL: I’m over it. I’m over them all. In the point is, what they can really be doing is putting their resources behind these women. With Bernie for instance — again, who I voted for proudly and I think had made really important moves in 2016. I don’t understand why he was running now when Elizabeth Warren, who’s his ideological twin, could really benefit from his support, his money, his movements.

Shorter: Bernie, would you do the socialistic thing share your campaign wealth with Liz Warren?

It’s comical, really, and just goes to show the folly of the Democratic party’s obsession with identity politics.

For that matter, I think the gay community maybe should be offended by Yglesias’s and Grenell’s suggestions about men dropping out of the race to make way for the women. Why isn’t everyone suggesting all other candidates forfeit the race in order to let Mayor Pete Buttigieg win*?



*Note: This post is brought to you by the Democratic Party Rules of Engagement™. No endorsement of actual tactics intended. Please drink responsibly.

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