Lookout, Female Candidates: Sources Say Handsy Joe Biden Will Enter the Presidential Race on Thursday

It looks like Joe Biden’s unofficial presidential candidacy is about to officially about to become official. Or something.

Fox News reports:

Joe Biden’s long-awaited 2020 presidential bid announcement has been pushed back to Thursday, with plans for the former vice president to follow up with an appearance in Pittsburgh next week, Fox News has learned.


At this point, the Pittsburgh event is slated for Monday.

“The theme for the announcement is going to be ‘the battle for the soul of America,’” said one source close to Biden’s inner circle, who asked for anonymity to speak more freely.

The former vice president is expected to open his third bid for the Democratic presidential nomination with a message that describes the current climate in the nation and takes on Republican President Trump. In a likely video announcing his candidacy, Biden’s expected to stress the stakes for the country and what kind of leadership is demanded for this moment in the nation’s history.


There were reports late last week that Obama’s former veep would enter the race on Wednesday with an announcement in Charlottesville, but obviously that’s changed.

Biden’s timing for entering the race is close to perfect, considering his downward slide in recent polls after leading nearly all of them since the polling for 2020 Democratic presidential candidates started.

His campaign could use a popularity boost that would come from a formal declaration.

That said, Biden is still in a good position considering he’s been an undeclared candidate for months who has received mostly good publicity with the exception of the various inappropriate touching allegations, a storm he appears to have weathered.

His biggest hurdle beyond that will likely be his penchant for gaffes, which has been a concern in Democratic political circles for quite some time in advance of his announcement. There’s also his “white guy privilege“, but his polling numbers are a good indication that that “issue” hasn’t hurt him much at all.

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