Two Arrested in Alleged MAGA Hat Attack - You Won't Believe Where They Were Caught

Alleged MAGA hat victim Atsu Nable. Screen grab via Fox5DC.
Alleged MAGA hat victim Atsu Nable. Screen grab via Fox 5 DC.

Though it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written about alleged attacks on MAGA hat wearers, that doesn’t mean the harassment and assaults have stopped happening.


The latest reported incident comes out of Germantown, Maryland, and involves a man who immigrated from Togo, West Africa to America in 2007:

On Saturday afternoon, police say a Germantown man was out enjoying the warm weather and walking through his neighborhood when he says two men walked up and became outraged by the hat that he was wearing. He says he was shocked when one of the men allegedly hit him from behind.

“I was like, ‘Why are you doing this?’ They said, ‘No, the hat,’ and they started punching me on my head.” Atsu Nable told FOX 5 Monday.


Nable says he came to the United States legally from Togo in West Africa in 2007 and is now a U.S. citizen. He says he has supported the Republican Party and President Donald Trump from the beginning, attending campaign events and even volunteering during Trump’s inauguration.

According to the Montgomery County PD, the suspects fled to a basketball court after knocking Nable to the ground and robbing him, and tried to hide themselves among children (h/t: PJM‘s Debra Heine):

Officers from the 5th District responded to the area to assist the victim and search for the suspects. Officers spotted the two suspects attempting to hide among a group of children playing basketball. The suspects were taken into custody and transported to the Central Processing Unit where they were charged accordingly.



Watch Fox 5 DC‘s full report below:

This alleged attack comes on the heels of one Red State‘s Brandon Morse wrote about last week involving a white woman in San Diego who went nuts on a Mexican woman who wore a MAGA hat.

No word yet on either of these alleged attacks on minority MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters from actress/activist Alyssa Milano, who declared earlier this year that the MAGA hat was the “new white hood.”

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