FACT CHECK: ACLU Says Allowing Transgender Females in Women's Spaces "Hurts No One." Here's Why They're Wrong.

Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon- 2018 - SCREENSHOT
Rachel McKinnon
Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon- 2018 – SCREENSHOT

While the New York chapter of the ACLU has recently shown signs of sanity and decency, the national ACLU itself continues to delude its supporters into believing there are no differences between transgender women and biological women.


These are a few of their recent tweets on the issue.

All of these statements are false. I’ll tackle the first tweet, because it encompasses the two after it.

“No one is hurt when trans people live authentically. Not in the restroom. Not in the locker room. Not on the court, field or track.”

Christopher Hambrook is a Canadian transgender woman who viciously assaulted multiple girls and women, including one who was mentally disabled, one who was deaf, and another who was just 5-years-old, over a period of several years in women’s shelters. According to the Toronto Sun:

The prosecution asserted Hambrook, a former stripper and escort from Quebec, simply cannot control his deviant sexual urges and that locking him up indefinitely is the best way to protect the public.


Karen White is a British transgender woman who admitted to raping women (one of the victims was two months pregnant) prior to his time in prison. And while in a women’s prison, he raped more women. The Guardian reported:

The 52-year-old, who is currently transitioning, was sentenced yesterday for two counts of rape, two sexual assaults and one offence of wounding.

White has previous convictions for indecent assault, indecent exposure and gross indecency involving children, animal cruelty and dishonesty.

The Ministry of Justice has apologised for moving her to the women’s prison, saying that her previous offending history had not been taken into account.

In 2014, MMA fighter Fallon Fox, a transgender woman, viciously bruised and bloodied his female opponent Taika Brents:

Everything happened in the first round and in the first two and a half minutes. It was messy, it was bloody and it’s not an easy viewing for everybody. Tamika suffered a concussion and a broken skull and Fallon Fox wasn’t stopping until Tamika Brents was finally TKO’d.

After the fight, Tamika Brents gave an interview and she said that she never felt such power and strength at any woman before she was fighting Fallon Fox.

In the cases of transgender girls Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood (mentioned in the second tweet above), the issue wasn’t their “right to compete” at all. It was weather or not their right to compete in women’s sports was fair to girls who were actually born girls.


Miller and Yearwood are just two examples of the many out there of transgender women who are consistently outperforming biological women in competitive women’s sports. More female athletes are speaking out against their inclusion, including tennis great and LGBT rights pioneer Martina Navratilova.

For Navratilova’s efforts, she was kicked out of several LGBT groups and labeled a “transphobe” simply for speaking some basic truths about the differences between men’s bodies and women’s bodies.

Leading the effort to ostracize Navratilova and other prominent female sports figures is transgender woman Rachel McKinnon, who is a champion cyclist and an assistant professor at the College of Charleston in South Carolina.

In early March, he absurdly compared Navratilova’s comments about transgender women having an unfair advantage in women’s sports to excluding black people from sports – period:

If Sharron Davies, Paula Radcliffe, or Martina Navratilova had said we need to keep black women out of sport to “protect it” and the “integrity of women’s sport”

That would be obviously racist

That’s why it’s obviously transphobic to exclude trans women now

Not “name calling”

Later, McKinnon declared the debate about trans women in women’s sports over:

If you feel it’s unfair for trans women to compete, too bad. Suck it up, buttercup. The world has moved on. There is no ‘debate’ to be had.


In other words: Shut up, you meddling females.

Transgender woman Morgane Oger in Vancouver, Canada instigated a campaign to get city funding pulled from a rape crisis center. Why? Because the shelter objected to men being allowed to stay in the same spaces as women on the basis that the rape victims who sought refuge there could be triggered.

Oger was successful in his efforts. He called the funding cut to the women’s shelter a “victory for trans rights.”

The ACLU, and other well-funded LGBTQ-defending organizations, are knowingly being dishonest when they tweet out transgender falsehoods. Do not be deceived.

Sister Toldjah is a former liberal and a 15+ year veteran of blogging with an emphasis on media bias, social issues, and the culture wars. Read her Red State archives here. Connect with her on Twitter.–


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