Top 10 Responses to the Liberal Freakout Over John Wayne's 1971 "Playboy" Interview

I wish I could say I was joking but it’s true: For a good part of the day today, a 1971 interview the late actor John Wayne did with Playboy magazine was trending on Twitter.


The Mercury News write-up of the controversy described it as a “heated Twitter debate” and part of the “latest culture war…” (High drama!)

The paper also helpfully provided some excerpts:

In the Playboy interview, Wayne, fresh off his Oscar win for “True Grit,” discussed a range of topics, from working in Hollywood to race and sex. One of the more noteworthy quotes in the interview came up in a discussion about African-American political activist and academic Angela Davis.

“With a lot of blacks, there’s quite a bit of resentment along with their dissent, and possibly rightfully so,” Wayne said. “But we can’t all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the blacks. I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people.”

Later in the interview, Wayne also said he didn’t feel “guilty about the fact that five or 10 generations ago (black) people were slaves.” Wayne continued: “Now, I’m not condoning slavery. It’s just a fact of life, like the kid who gets infantile paralysis and has to wear braces so he can’t play football with the rest of us.”


A full transcript of the nearly 50-year-old interview can be read here.

This is actually one of the most well-known and controversial celebrity interviews ever done, so why exactly has it become “a thing” in 2019? Media Research Center‘s Brittany Hughes gets right to the heard of it:

Then again, perhaps the Jussie Smollett Deflection Committee could try a little harder.

Yes. As always, when the heat gets too hot, liberals must deploy the “DEFLECT! DEFLECT!” option.

With that in mind, and in no particular order, here’s my list of the top 10 responses to the liberal fauxtrage machine:



(BTW, there’s more from Twitter legend @iowahawkblog on this suddenly-hot topic that Twitchy‘s Sam J. documented earlier today.)

I think the bigger question in all of this is: If John Wayne was alive today, do you think he’d be willing to learn to code – at age 111?

Errr…. probably not.

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