Run Robin, Run

Robin Carnahan is clearly afraid of talking to radio hosts who will be less than coddling of her campaign. She has been avoiding going on one radio show in particular. KMOX host Mark Reardon has been trying to get the Senate Candidate onto his show for many months now.


After a while, when reasoned attempts at scheduling an interview fail, what else is one to do? Of course, you start mocking the candidate.

For those without video, this is from before the big Mizzou-OU game Saturday where the Tigers knocked off the #1 Sooners. Reardon and a crew showed up with signs mocking Carnahan for avoiding his show.

You would think that Carnahan would want to make sure that she is doing everything to make her voice heard in the final few days of this election push. Especially when KMOX is the biggest radio station in the state with a heavy listenership in the St. Louis metro area – an area that the Carnahan campaign must feel is essential if they even have a chance at overtaking Roy Blunt.

Given all of that, it does beg an important question:

Carnahan chicken

P.S. Roy Blunt for Senate – One week to go.


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