A Key Source for Steele Dossier Was an Alcoholic Female Lawyer Living In Cyprus Who He'd Known Since 8th Grade

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Igor Danchenko and Olga Galkina — not quite Julius and Ethel Rosenburg, but they tried hard.

This is not the first time Olga Galkina’s name has been confirmed as one of the key sources behind allegations in the Steele Dossier reports.


But the Wall Street Journal has a story out today about the individual identified as “Sub-Source 3” providing much more information and background on Galkina.  It makes even more clear the fact that the various reports making up the Steele Dossier — basis for nearly four years of wall-to-wall non-stop coverage in the media, and tens of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of federal law enforcement man-hours wasted — was all done in pursuit of a story that had all the earmarks of a hoax from the very start.

Vladamir Putin goes to bed each night chuckling at the way he made the NYT, WaPo, ABC, NBC, CBS — not to mention the FBI and DOJ — look like chuckle-headed morons chasing this complete fraud.  The fact that many in the media hold-out hope that there really was something there, our point to the completely idiotic outcomes of the efforts of the Mueller Special Counsel’s Office – while at the same time IGNORING the FACTS that Joe Biden went into business with the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army — is for all practical purposes, a signifier that our great nation is on the brink of self-destruction.

Igor Danchenko had a case opened on him in 2009 as a likely Russian intelligence operative tasked with recruiting incoming members of the newly-elected Obama Administration to sell classified information to Russian intelligence services.  Two individuals described to the FBI how Danchenko approached them after the election in 2008 to inquire if they would be joining the Obama Administration foreign policy team, and if they did he could help them to sell classified information they might obtain to people who were interested in buying that kind of information.  In January 2017 he was interviewed by the FBI who knew at that point that he was the “Primary Sub-source” for Christopher Steele — the sole conduit through which the information from a “network of sub-sources” inside Russia was supplying information on connections between Donald Trump, the Trump Campaign, and Russian government actors.


Olga Galkina was a Russian living and working in Cyprus, where she was employed by an affiliate of XBT Holdings, which owned and operated the web hosting service Webzilla, and which was owned by a Russian named Aleksej Gubarev.  Galkina and Danchenko had been friends since the equivalent of 8th grade in the Russian city Perm where they both grew up. Some of the most significant allegations against Trump and the Trump campaign in the Steele Dossier are traced to “Sub-source 3”, including the claims that Michael Cohen traveled to Prague to meet with Russian government officials to coordinate Russian efforts in support of the Trump campaign, as well as allegations that Carter Page, while a Trump campaign official, had met with a high-level Kremlin official Igor Diveykin, Russia’s deputy chief for internal policy, while visiting Moscow to give a speech in July 2016.

But according to the WSJ, Galkina had moved to Cyprus in the early fall of 2016.  But after just 10 months, in August 2016 — the very time that she was providing information to Danchenko which he passed on to Steele — XBT was attempting to fire her because she regularly showed up late for work, and was often drunk when she arrived.

Apparently, firing an employee in Cyprus can be a challenging effort as her manager felt the need to go to the police in the Cypriot city where she worked to file a police report regarding her misconduct.  His reason for going to the police was that he’d been told — by whom he does not say — that he could be killed if he did not pay Galkina 10,000 Euros.


In November 2016 she was fired by XBT.  Weeks later she told Steele that XBT and its owner Gubarev as being involved in the hacking of the DNC email network, a charge both have denied. XBT and Gubarev sued Buzzfeed News after they published the Steele Dossier reports which included Galkina’s claims to Steele.  Expert witness testimony, in that case, diverged on whether there was any actual evidence supporting the claim of XBT’s involvement, but even Buzzfeed’s expert admitted he could not find any direct link to active participation by XBT in the hacking scheme which he claimed originated from IP addresses owned by XBT, and used by persons who used Webzilla’s services.

According to the WSJ, when Danchenko was interviewed by the FBI and asked about Galkina, he disputed the manner in which Steele had characterized some of the things that he had told Steele based on information he received from Galkina.

According to Mr. Danchenko’s FBI interview and FBI notes, Mr. Steele gave him “four to five” names of officials in Mr. Trump’s circle to research, which he passed along to Ms. Galkina in the fall of 2016. “Almost immediately,” she recognized the name of Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Mr. Cohen, according to the declassified notes.

Ms. Galkina’s initial version of alleged contacts between Mr. Cohen and the Russian government was sketchy and she could identify few of the people involved, according to the declassified notes.

In mid-October, Ms. Galkina reported that Mr. Cohen had met with Kremlin officials that summer in an undisclosed European country, where they discussed ways to minimize the appearance of contacts between Mr. Trump’s aides and Russia, the FBI notes said.
In December, Ms. Galkina gave Mr. Danchenko new details about Mr. Cohen’s purported meeting and implicated her erstwhile boss, Mr. Gubarev, in the DNC hacking, the notes said.

The plain facts are that Galkina was just making stuff up based on little things she had spotted in press reporting in the fall of 2016 about connections between Trump campaign officials and Russian actors, then feeding her fictitious creations to Steele who incorporated them — sometimes with embellishment — into his reports.  The same for Carter Page, whose trip to Russia in July 2016 was covered extensively in the press after the Yahoo News article in late September 2016 which was based upon Steele’s interview with Michael Isikoff.  Steele’s “seeding” of US media with basic level information created media stories that Galkina then picked up on and used to fabricate more “details” which she then fed back to Steele as her personal and professional lives in Cyprus spiraled downward in her drunken stupor.

That the Steele reports were a pathetic excuse to simply pursue baseless claims against the Trump Administration has become more and more clear almost from the moment the Reports were made public by Buzzfeed.  The fact that the press, FBI, and DOJ was not able to make that judgement YEARS AGO is an indictment of all of them for their own corruption.

If Joe Biden wins next week while the press ignores the fact that he’s a business partner with the malign foreign communist government in China, the time of US ascendency in the world will have drawn to a close.

The United States press has turned itself into the “Pravda” of our time.



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