Stupid Car Tricks in Seattle With an Audience -- Think Bowling Balls and Bowling Pins

Seattle Police Deparment
AP featured image
Seattle police


Mayor Jenny Durkan should just go on television in Seattle and admit that she has lost the ability to bring a peaceful daily life to the residents of the City.


On Saturday night, without any seeming fear whatsoever that Seattle Police might arrive and break up the festivities, intersections in the city turned into mini-exhibit scenes for drivers to show off their little bag of car driving stunts, while onlookers laughed and cheered them on from 20 feet away.

Here is an example:

One is good, two is better — right?


More fun.

Here is an example of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”:

And then there is this:

Just another night in the second “Summer of Love” Adventure of 2020 under the stewardship of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.


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