We'll Always Have Portland for Riot Videos: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

AP featured image
Federal agents, Portland


The Breonna Taylor decision out of Louisville on Wednesday sparked protests and riots in numerous cities across the country.  Naturally, the riot veterans in Portland were not going to miss out on the festivities.


But one rioter did turn up the “violence dial” several notches when he threw an incredibly dangerous Molotov cocktail into the front of the advancing police line.

The Portland Police Bureau and Oregon State Police were out in force in downtown Portland.

Here is a video of the Molotov cocktail and the aftermath.


Because the protests in downtown Portland were back in the vicinity of the federal courthouse, federal agents were out in force to support the Portland Police.


Some homeless encampments have reappeared in the public parks across the street from the federal courthouse.  The federal agents took steps to make sure the tents weren’t being used to stage riot supplies.










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