New Portland PD Tactic On Sunday Night -- Arrest Early, Go Home Early

AP Photo/Noah Berger


The common sequence of events with Portland riots has been to let “protesters” have their way during the late evening hours, wait for the Antifa/BLM agitators to move to the front later in the evening, watch for them to commit acts of violence or set fires, declare an unlawful assembly, and then clear the streets and make arrests for anyone who refuses to comply.

Often times the “Third Act” doesn’t start until midnight or later, and by the time the crowd is gone and the paperwork is done, it’s deep into the early morning hours.

Mayor Ted Wheeler must have received the overtime bill for August today because it seems like Portland Police decided to get an earlier start on the Third Act tonight.  There was very little of the warm up festivities, with Portland Police going quickly “unlawful assembly” and then mass arrests.

Here are some videos rolling in on Twitter.

This was before 10:45 local time.

After all the arrests, the crowd was much smaller….. genius.  This is as of 11:00 pm.  They should try this more often.

Done early, home at a reasonable hour.

That is smart riot control.