Armed Militia In Kenosha -- Reports of Shots Fired, Confrontations Multiplying: UPDATE: RIOTER SHOT

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Kenosha shooting



UPDATE:  Rioter shot.


Unconfirmed Twitter report of 3 shot total.

There are unconfirmed reports at this hour of gunshots tonight during the rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

As I said yesterday, Wisconsin is an “open carry” state where it is lawful to carry a loaded firearm — long-gun or handgun — so long as it is visible.  A permit is only required to carry a “concealed” weapon.

Tonight in Kenosha, there are a lot of “open carry” weapons on hand.

Various reports claim the armed individuals are:

  1. Out of town “militia” there to confront rioters and protect private property.
  2. Individuals who wish to protect protesters from police.
  3. Right-wing antagonists of Antifa/BLM simply looking for an opportunity for a confrontation.
  4. Local resident’s intent on preventing a second night of rampant destruction in Kenosha.

At this point it appears that most of the protesting/rioting on Tuesday night is confined to the area around the Kenosha Courty Courthouse.  Earlier in the day a metal fence was erected around the courthouse similar to the one surrounding the federal courthouse in Portland.  The presence of the new fence seems to have attracted most of the protect activity, benefitted by a large public park across the street.

The caption here by experienced videographer Elijah Schaffer suggests militia are there to “protect” the rioters, but that seems like misinformation.  More likely the right-wing group is simply using a tactic to close quarters with the rioters without police intervention.


In the bottom video here the tension seems to be building as protesters and armed individuals are mixing more.  Most of the police presence seems to be in another location, as there are no uniforms in sight here.  If this boils over into some form of armed confrontation, it seems unlikely that police will play any meaningful role except in the aftermath.

This is how bad things get started.  How careless with a long gun can this guy be before someone sees him as a threat and acts to defend themselves.



This you would call industrial strength stupid.  The rioter on the ground is throwing rocks at the business owner(s) on the roof — when the business owners have rifles with laser scopes.

As a side note, on the Kenosha hashtag you can find several twitter messages from people claiming to be Wisconsin residents who have been lifelong Democrats but will vote for Trump in November.  Trump carried Kenosha County by only 250 votes out of 70,000 cast in 2016.


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