Biden’s America Last, Power-Grabbing Executive Action Blitzkrieg Will Only Get Worse

The United States is supposed to be governed in the manners laid out in the Constitution.  A document which extraordinarily limits government – and ensures the government we get is as accountable as possible to We the People.


The Legislative Branch – legislates.  The Executive Branch then executes the legislation passed by the Legislative Branch.

Unfortunately, we’ve spent the last several decades rocketing away from these moorings.

The Legislative Branch’s members know they are most directly accountable to We the People.  So they have spent more and more of their time hiding under their heavily-upholstered beds – rather than legislating.

Our alleged Representatives have instead been outsourcing their chief Constitutional responsibility – to the great and ever-growing number of unelected bureaucrats in the Executive Branch.

Most unfortunately, unelected bureaucrats think too much power is never enough.  They’ll happily take all our government gives them – and come back looking for more.

So when we get a unilateral-power-happy chief executive like Joe Biden – things get exceedingly grim.

The Bureaucracy is a giant coal powered locomotive.  An un-repentantly power-grabbing chief executive issuing Executive Orders (EO) like a Pez dispenser – is shoveling heaping piles of black shale into the engine.  As we hurtle ever-faster towards the cliff.

Of course, not all EOs are created equal – some are actually very good.  Ones that undo predecessors’ illegal EOs, for example.


‘I Am Not A King,’ Obama Knew DACA was Unconstitutional


Barack Obama unilaterally wrote what would become hundreds (thousands?) of pages of immigration “law” by “legalizing” basically an unlimited number of illegal aliens with his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) EO.

Unlimited – because any and all of the tens of millions of aliens here illegally can simply claim they first arrived here as children.  And we disprove them…how?

DACA quite obviously must be legislation.  Obama even said so – before pretending he never said so.


Trump: Why Can’t I Executive-Order ‘Unlawful’ DACA Out of Existence?

An excellent question.  Constitutionally, of course, he can.  But we haven’t been a constitutional republic in many decades.

Supreme Court Rules Against Trump Administration Bid to End DACA Program

Get that?  Our nation’s highest court ruled that Obama can unilaterally create a whole new legal status for illegal aliens.

But that Trump can’t undo it exactly as Obama did it – and return us to the immigration laws actually passed by our elected Congress.

We are really that screwed up.

The Supreme Court has – repeatedly, over many years – green lit an endless cavalcade of power-grabbing, unconstitutional executive actions.

Supreme Court Rules Bureaucrats Can Set Their Own Power Limits; No Bureaucrats Find Any

Biden, Inc. has taken the Court’s lessons to heart.


Biden is indeed going EO crazy.

Here Are the Thirty Executive Orders and Actions Biden Signed in his First Three Days

Here Are the Executive Actions Biden Will Take This Week:

“Joe Biden will spend the second week of his presidency in much the same way he spent his first: signing a slew of executive actions intended to roll back certain Trump administration policies while implementing his own.

“Biden this week will focus on immigration, health care, climate and other areas, with each day following a designated theme.”

Nigh ALL of what Biden is doing – should actually be done first by Congress.  If it’s supposed to be done at all by government (almost none of it is).

And so far, none of what Biden is doing is good for America or Americans.

Biden Executive Orders Look Like ‘America Last’ Policy Approach

And just wait until power-grabbing Biden gets more and more of his power-grabbing bureaucrats in place.  Because power-grabbing is a Biden Administration job requirement.

GOP Senators Question Biden’s DHS Nominee Over Immigration Enforcement, Visas

Joe Biden’s HHS Nominee Wants a Complete Government Takeover of Health Care

The examples are endless. Because Democrats’ desire to power-grab is endless.

Biden Put Climate at the Heart of His Campaign. Now He’s Delivered Groundbreaking Nominees

Biden Administration Is Contemplating a New Tax Per Mile Driven


EVERYTHING will be under Biden Administration assault.  No matter how well it is doing as is.

The Internet has nigh-single-handedly saved us during our year-long-and-counting “two weeks” China Virus lockdown.

Our nation’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have seamlessly handled the massive increase in traffic on their networks.

Coronavirus: Nation’s Internet Providers Have Made #SelfDistancing Telework a Piece of Cake

Meanwhile, the ISPs have been incredibly magnanimous and generous under these incredibly strained circumstances.

ISPs Raise Speeds and Suspend Data Caps in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Internet Providers Pledge to ‘Keep Americans Connected’ During the COVID-19 Crisis

AT&T, Comcast and Other Internet Providers Agree to Help Subscribers Who Can’t Pay Their Bills Due to Coronavirus

Free Internet for Students: Seven Providers Offering Support

You couldn’t imagine any portion of our private sector doing any more or any better for Americans – than the ISPs are currently doing.

Despite this avalanche of doing the right thing – Biden, Inc is teeing ISPs up for government-imposed destruction.

Biden’s Grand Plan for the Internet: Restore Net Neutrality, Create Municipal Broadband

Oh look – a LOT more government.

Part of that headline is a lie.  Natch.  We have actually already had about a quarter-century’s worth of municipal broadband.  It has been an ongoing, rolling, unmitigated disaster.


Broadband Boondoggles – Failed Taxpayer-Funded Networks:

“For decades, local governments have made promises of faster and cheaper broadband networks. Unfortunately, these municipal networks often don’t deliver or fail, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill.”

And Net Neutrality is a terrible, massively-government-expanding idea.  Which absolutely should begin as legislation in Congress – should anyone be stupid enough to want to impose it.

Which means Biden wants to unilaterally, illegally impose it.  Natch.  And his lead bureaucrat pick wants to unilaterally, illegally impose it.  Natch.

In fact, the Barack Obama Administration unilaterally, illegally imposed it.

Obama Net Neutrality Underhanded Power Grab

The Trump Administration rightly, reasonably reversed it.

Trump’s FCC Officially Repeals Obama-Era Net Neutrality Laws

Even our mostly corrupt court system agreed with the reversal.  (The Left always sues to stop any reduction in government.)

Trump Calls Net Neutrality Court Decision a ‘Great Win’

Biden wants to again unilaterally, illegally impose it.

And so too does his Federal Communications Commission (FCC) acting Chair.

President Biden’s FCC Appointment is a Big Step Toward Net Neutrality’s Return:

“Jessica Rosenworcel, who’s been pro-net neutrality for years, has been named the Federal Communications Commission’s acting chairwoman.”


Rosenworcel doesn’t care that the precursor to Net Neutrality has to be legislation – not unilateral, illegal Commission imposition.  When Trump’s FCC undid Obama’s power grab, then-Commissioner Rosenworcel said this absurd thing:

“(T)his agency is not interested in getting it right. Instead, it doubles down, rather than recognizing the realities of the world around us.”

Ummm…she’s the one “not interested in getting it right.”

If she were, she’d have voted in favor of repeal – and then immediately called upon Congress to draft legislation to replace her bureaucracy’s power grab.

But most unfortunately, she may be the one “recognizing the realities of the world around us.”

Amongst the worst being:

We decades ago stopped being a Constitution-adhering commercial republic.

So she feels perfectly free to impose yet another Biden Administration unilateral, illegal power grab.


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