Where Are the Defenders of Sanity? Against Savagery?

Yesterday we wrote this:

“I’m sure you think it.  And feel it.

“We the People are currently awash in insanity.  Nothing makes sense.  No one is behaving rationally.


“It is because the Left is currently running things.  They have been rapidly advancing – and almost no one is doing anything to stop them.”

The Left’s masked marauders have for weeks and weeks been running wild – all across our crumbling country.  And precious few of the people charged with stopping them – have done anything to stop them.

I am not here thinking of the police.  The police – like the military – take orders from civilian politicians.  And in city after city, Leftist politicians have told the cops to stand down.  And then the Leftist politicians have looked to defund them.  This ain’t on the cops.

I mean the politicians.  We are a republic.  We elect civilians – and establish civilian (civic) institutions – to deal with situations like the nightmare mess we are currently experiencing.

Of course, we must have the muscle provided by the police and the military – who work concurrently with our civic leaders.  Which is why the Left is looking to entirely dismantle the police and the military.

I do not expect septuagenarian elected officials to be on the frontlines against the Antifa-Black Lives Matter shock troops.  That’s what cops and the military are for.

But the local septuagenarian elected officials should be doing everything in their power to stop the rioting, looting and burning.  And the ones not directly responsible – should be publicly decrying it all.  Constantly, incessantly.


All members of both Parties should be angry and offended by this savage assault on sanity – and demanding its immediate end.

But most haven’t been.  Very few Republicans have.  And most Democrats are actually defending the madness.

House Democrats Block GOP Measure to Condemn Riots, ‘Defund Police’ Movement

Which brings us to Seattle Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan….

‘We Could Have the Summer of Love!’: Seattle Mayor Says She Doesn’t Know When CHAZ Occupation Will Conclude

No, we can not have a “Summer of Love,” Miss Mayor.    Not with anything having anything remotely to do with this mess.

To quote Blue Oyster Cult:

This Ain’t the Summer of Love

Durkan’s “Summer of Love” – was a bunch of Leftist savages stealing several city blocks’ worth of private property.  And then illegally occupying it all for weeks on end.

Durkan’s job is to end this mass theft – not “Love” it.  No matter what season of the year it is.

Then came the funny part.

Seattle Mayor Declares CHOP Protesters Dangerous After They March to Her Doorstep:

“Seattle’s CHOP protesters ‘put families and children at risk’ by going to her home, Mayor Jenny Durkan suggested on Sunday after a city council member led the protesters to the mayor’s “confidential” address.

“UPDATE: On Wednesday, Mayor Durkan issued an order requiring protesters to immediately vacate the CHOP zone and directing police to begin arresting anyone who refuses to leave.”


Old Philly cop Frank Rizzowas somewhat right:

“A conservative is a liberal who got mugged the night before.”

Durkan ain’t now a conservative.  But she certainly had a private property awakening – once hers was threatened.

But Durkan’s job is to defend private property – even when it isn’t hers.

What kind of a society do you want?

Defend Private Property – or Get Mob Rule

Only Savages Don’t Value Creation (And Thieves Are Savages)

All civic institutions charged with defending private property – must defend private property.

This of course includes the United States Supreme Court.

Oracle v Google Copyright Case Slated for Supreme Court Arguments

What is Oracle v Google?  Or Google v Oracle?

Google v. Oracle America:

“A current legal case within the United States related to the nature of computer code and copyright law.

“The dispute centers on the use of parts of the Java programming language’s application programming interfaces (APIs), which are owned by Oracle, within early versions of the Android operating system by Google.

“Google has admitted to using the APIs…but argues their original use of the APIs was within fair use.”

This should have been an open-and-shut case.  The fact it’s been wending its way up the judiciary food chain for a decade – shows how decayed and dilapidated our civic institutions have become.


Google used Oracle’s Java code (14,500 lines of it, actually).  Google admits they used Oracle’s Java code.

Google spent a great deal of time negotiating with Oracle for licenses to use Oracle’s Java code.  Which is Google tacitly admitting they needed the licenses for Oracle’s Java code – because everyone knew they had used Oracle’s Java code.

Google then one day just stopped license negotiations.  And then released the Android operating system they used Oracle’s Java code to make – bereft of any licenses to do so.

What Google did – is private property theft.  It is really quite obvious.

Thus far, our civic institutions have mostly failed Oracle – and, yet again, us.

It is up to the Supreme Court to reestablish a scintilla of sanity.

And reaffirm private property rights and their protection.

Civilization, sanity, anti-savagery and anti-mob-rule demand it.


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