This Ridiculous ‘Impeachment’ ‘Inquiry’: DCs Swamp Creatures Won’t Go Away Quietly

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Imagine you have a mess of bees building a hive on your front porch.

There are two approaches you can take.


One is: You can leave the bees alone – and allow them to continue building their nest.  The bees will, for the most part, reciprocate and leave you alone too.  Choosing instead to focus on building the hive.

The problem is – the hive continues to get bigger and bigger.

This isn’t an idle thought exercise.  This is a metaphor for the monstrous political problem We the People currently face.

The hive – is DC (and governments at all levels all across the country).  The bees – are DC Swamp Creatures.

We the People have most unfortunately spent the last half-century-plus – allowing the DC Bees to continuously, perpetually build their Hive.

Until it became today’s monstrous $4-trillion-per-year nightmare mess.

Which brings us to the other approach one can take when dealing with bees.  You beat the hive with a broom – until you knock it down and destroy it.

That’s what We the People started to try to do with the Tea Party.  It is what we are now trying to do with President Donald Trump.

The bees, obviously, don’t like this second approach nearly as much.  And they begin a coordinated, mass counterattack.

This is a microcosm example of everything to which Trump and We the People have been subjected since at least Trump’s Inauguration.

DC Swamp Creature Bees – protecting their monster hive.

The Swamp Creature Bees had a built-in “insurance policy” coup ready to go if Trump were to win the election: The Russia Collusion hoax.

Since that giant fakeness collapsed under the weight of its giant fakeness, the Swamp Creatures have routinely, repeatedly tried to turn Trump trying to clean up Swamp crimes – into crimes.


Even as we type, renowned liar Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) is giving his ridiculous opening statement in his ridiculous “impeachment” “inquiry” hearing – looking into a Trump-Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky phone call.

For which we have for months had the transcript – which clearly demonstrates there was nothing therein for which to impeach.

What Trump actually did on the call – was ask Zelensky to look into a Ukrainian branch of DC Swamp corruption.

Which was then-Vice President Joe Biden’s totally unqualified son Hunter – landing a totally corrupt $50,000+-a-month gig on Ukrainian oil company Burisma’s board.

And then Vice President Biden bragging on video of getting Ukraine to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor – who was looking into corruption at Burisma.

This seems to be a status quo corruption in DC.  Anti-fossil fuel Democrats – and some Swamp Creature Republicansgetting their children and friends gigs on oil company boards doing business in uber-corrupt Ukraine.

Trump – asked Zelensky for help addressing these crimes.

Democrats – are trying to turn Trump attempting to address these crimes…into crimes.  Specifically – High Crimes.  For which they are now looking to impeach him.

And this is just the straight political Swampiness.

There are metric tons of political-policy Swampiness the Trump Administration is looking to drain.  And those very many Swamp Creatures – don’t like it one bit either.

This portion of the Swamp works as follows:


Private sector crony Swamp Creatures bribe government Swamp Creatures with campaign contributions and lavish lobbying budgets.

And then government Swamp Creatures return the favor.  By handing the private sector crony Swamp Creatures crony government contracts – that are orders-of-magnitude richer than the donations and lobbying budgets.

To wit: A tiny little company of which you may have heard: Amazon (Market Cap: $873 billion).

Amazon Is Flooding D.C. with Money and Muscle

Amazon Steps Up Lobbying Spending by 400%

Amazon Hires ‘Army Of Lobbyists’

Amazon Doubles Lobbyists

Why Amazon Is Doubling Down on Lobbying

And for what, pray tell, are all of these lobbyists looking?  A great many things like this:

Uber-Crony Amazon – Is About To Get The Biggest Crony Deal In DC’s Awful History

‘Once An Amazonian, Always an Amazonian’: Former Pentagon Official’s Business Ties Draw Scrutiny

That “former Pentagon official” – was an Amazon Web Services employee.  Who the Barack Obama Administration’s Defense Department hired…to oversee the Pentagon’s contract process for $10 billion in cloud backup. On which Amazon Web Services was bidding.

Cronyism: Having Your Ex-Employees Award Government Contracts…:

“…makes it much more likely you’ll get government contracts.”

‘Everybody Immediately Knew That It Was for Amazon’:

“The deal for an obscure $10 billion Pentagon contract suggests the extent to which Jeff Bezos is gobbling up the swamp – without the guy in the White House even batting an eye.”


Except this article…is from August 2018.  So the “guy in the White House” is Trump…no longer Obama.

So Trump is taking shots…for inheriting cronyism.

And Trump is taking shots…for putting the brakes on cronyism.

What is Project JEDI? The $10 Billion Pentagon Project Trump Is Holding Up

In fact, Trump dumped the cronyism – full stop.

Pentagon Awards Controversial $10 Billion Cloud Computing Deal to Microsoft, Spurning Amazon

And now Trump is taking shots…for refusing to reward cronyism.

Amazon Seen Focusing on Trump in Pentagon Contract Challenge:

“High-profile federal procurement projects often face legal or administrative appeals.

“And experts in federal contracting say a protest from Amazon became more likely after President Donald Trump earlier this year publicly suggested that the Joint Enterprise Defense Initiative, or JEDI, was unfairly structured to give the Seattle company an advantage.”

Get all that?

Trump is getting challenged by DC Swamp Creatures…for NOT participating in DC Swamp business as usual.

Just as Trump is getting fake impeachedby DC Swamp Creatures…for NOT participating in DC Swamp business as usual.

The Hive – is swaying.

And the Bees – are swarming.



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