Net Neutrality: The Left is Always Wrong - So Stop Listening to Them

The Left has a very long history of being very wrong.

The birth of modern Socialism-Communism took place a century ago – the Marxist Revolution in Russia. It spent the 20th Century murdering a mere one hundred million people – and consigning nations the world over to wanton terror and abject poverty.


Bizarrely, we in the free market mega-success story that is the United States – are infested with these Socialists-Communists (S-Cs). And have been since the birth of its stupidity. We have watched their worldview implode over and over and over – yet we remain infected by them. (Thanks, government schools and colleges/universities.)

Today’s US Socialists-Communists have wholly taken over a once semi-reasonable, semi-rational political Party. The Democrats – are fully gone around the bend.

Take a gander at the Democrat Party platform. It is an S-C manifesto. Well, person-ifesto. Xi-festo?

Seton Motley | Red State |

Today’s Congress is inundated with elected S-Cs. We just rid ourselves of one in the White House. We’ve been trying their ideas for decades and decades. Everything they’ve touched – has turned to lead. S-Cs – are the anti-Midas.

Social Security – broke. Medicare – broke. That’s 2/3 of the $4-trillion-per-year federal budget right there. S-C President Barack Obama’s Obamacare – well on the way to broke. The Post Office – broke. Amtrak – broke.

We could list S-C failures until the crack of doom. But you get the idea.

In advance of all of these failures – come the S-C pronouncements of guaranteed success. In the interest of brevity, let us just look at the S-C Obamacare assertions – all of which were the polar opposite of accurate.


36 Times Obama Said You Could Keep Your Health Care Plan

Obama Montage: If You Like Your Doctor You Can Keep Your Doctor

Montage: Five Years of Obama Lies About Lowering Typical Family’s Premiums by $2,500

Oh: An S-C Nobel-Prize-winning economic “expert” said that if Donald Trump won the presidency – a global recession would ensue. Another S-C economic “expert” said that if “Trump wins you will see a stock market crash of historic proportions.”

How’d those S-C projections do?

World Trade Boom Sails Into 2018

Dow Gained More than 25% Since President Trump’s Election

The S-Cs – still batting -1.000.

With this century-plus history of S-C wrongness in focus, let us now turn to their mandated fixation with – and predictions about – Network Neutrality.

S-C President Barack Obama in 2015 unilaterally grabbed for the government massive new Internet regulatory and taxing power – hidden inside the Trojan Horse of Net Neutrality. President Trump is on Thursday going to undo said power grab.

What the Trump Administration is doing – is nothing more than restoring the pre-2015 two-decade-plus Web status quo. That freed up the private sector to grow the Internet from “What’s that?” – to 1/6 of our entire $18-trillion-per-year economy.

The S-Cs – are losing their minds. And yet again promising all sorts of things about what it means. None of which will happen now – because none of it happened in the two-decades-plus prior to the Obama S-C interlude imposition upon the free market Internet.


As you read this S-C cavalcade of inanity, please remember that the post-Trump-rollback Web – will be exactly the same as the pre-2015-pre-Obama-power-grab Web.

We have more than twenty years of free speech-free market Xanadu Internet – which belies all of the lies the S-Cs are now peddling.

The FCC Plans to Repeal Net Neutrality This Week – And It Could Ruin the Internet

Overwrought much? Again, this S-C clown – is describing the 1996-2015 Internet. Lots of verbs apply – “ruin”-ed does not.

Oh – and as we noted last week: “If a news story contains the word and concept of ‘could’ – it isn’t a news story. It’s rank speculation….(It’s) the journalistic equivalent of astrology. ‘What’s your sign?’ – is not a legitimate avenue of journalistic inquiry. Rolling back Net Neutrality – could also lead to the Internet’s continued mass expansion. The latter – is far more likely.”

In fact, the S-Cs rely a great deal on their “could” code word. It’s their ultimate out – for when they inevitably turn out to be oh-so-very-wrong.

A Look At What Net Neutrality Repeal Could Mean

Net Neutrality Repeal Could Bring Slow Internet

The 1996-2015 Internet delivered us out from under glacier-esque 14.4k dial-up…to lightening-fast 1GB. And climbing.

A return to that Web status quo ensures us continued massive speed increases – not what the S-Cs alternatively, lamely projects.


How a Net Neutrality Rollback Could Create a Tiered Internet

Except: “(I)n the two decades without these massive regulations – the Internet was never, ever tiered.”

Net Neutrality Repeal Could Let Internet Providers Block You from Using Your Favourite Services Unless You Pay More

Except nowhere on the 1996-2015 Internet did any Internet provider anywhere do that. Even the most virulent pro-Net Neutrality S-Cs – when they feel like being honest,…say when they are under oath – begrudgingly admit it.

Net Neutrality Repeal Could Hurt Web Businesses

Yes, the 1996-2015 Internet was AWFUL for Web businesses.

Net Neutrality Repeal Could Crush Small Businesses

Again – yes, the 1996-2015 Internet was AWFUL for Web businesses. And, of course, every large Web business – was once a small Web business. The pre-Obama Internet was simply terrible for small startups like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Net Neutrality Repeal Could Damage Local News Startups

Yes, the 1996-2015 Internet led to oh-so-many fewer news sources – at all levels. Not really.

Net Neutrality Repeal Could Wreck Hollywood And Big Media

Wait a second – I thought the 1996-2015 Internet “could” damage local news – which would be great for their Big Media competitors. But repeal “could” also hurt Big Media, the S-Cs tell us.

As for Hollywood: The 1996-2015 Internet gave us a gaggle of online entertainment providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Livestream,…. And gave existing entertainment providers a whole new avenue of mass direct delivery of their content. All of which was simply awful for Hollywood, was it not? Hint: It was not.


Net Neutrality Repeal Could Impact College Students

Yes – it “could” make the Internet much better for students. And everyone else. In fact – it will.

These S-C flights of demented fantasy are nigh endless – and just a Web search away.

Thankfully, that Web search will continue to get better and better.

Because the Trump Administration is rightly, reasonably restoring the gangbusters 1996-2015 Internet status quo.

Meet the new Web – same as the old Web.

Only better. And better. And better. And….



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