George Soros and Google Champion Government Control of the Internet

Part of the President Donald Trump Reality Revolution – is undoing the President Barack Obama Anti-Reality Revolution.

You remember, the Obama-promised “fundamental transformation” – that led to amazingly bad policies and terrible results.  Obama’s massive regulatory assaults on all things private sector – were an intended disaster for the private sector.  Obama is the first president in our history to never, ever have even one year of at least 3% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth.


Obama did this – because he wanted to repeal the private sector, and replace it with government.  More government – means less private sector.  Each new regulatory attack – was yet another government advancement.  Forcing yet another private sector retreat.  Lather, rinse repeat – for eight years.

Seton Motley | Red State |

This was the very successfully implemented plan.  Of not just Obama – but Obama’s backers.  Chief amongst them were George Soros and Google.

Trump ran on reversing all of this nonsense.  And he has very quickly begun doing so.  Obama was too busy in Tahiti – but the very many forces funded by Soros and Google were very vocal as Trump began the Great Undoing.

To wit: You may have seen the ridiculous Media-Left (please pardon the redundancy) uproar about Congress and Trump passing/signing a Congressional Review Act (CRA) Resolution of Disapproval (thank you also for the Congressional charge-leading, Congressman Marsha Blackburn and Senator Jeff Flake) – undoing an Obama Internet power grab:

“It’s disingenuous shorthand is ‘privacy.’  What it actually was – was the Obama administration giving Google and other cronies yet another massive policy favoritism.  Obama nigh-outlawed-by-fiat Internet Service Providers (ISPs) engaging in data collection and sale thereof.


“Which is but a tiny fraction of ISPs’ business model.  But it is 98+% of how Google built its $500+ billion business.  Oh – and of course, the new “privacy” regulations didn’t apply to Google.

“Everything the Democrats excoriate the ISPs for doing on a tiny scale to a tiny degree – they and the Obama administration allowed and continue to allow Google to do on a scale exponentially, quantum-ly, intergalactically huger than all the ISPs combined and quadrupled.  Because Google cuts so many Democrats so many massive checks.”

And, of course, so too does Soros cut many massive checks – to just about every Leftist group there is.  And they all piled in behind the lies being told about this grab.

And rest assured, this grab massively grew government.  It was a huge new regulatory assault on the Internet’s backbone – the United States’ ISPs that have spent more than $1 trillion building the Web.  Obama spent eight years looking to destroy these private sector providers – and leave us stuck with government as our sole ISP.

An outcome only a Soros could love.  Or the side of the ideological equation crazy enough to think that is a good idea – to whom Soros cuts so many checks.

As the Obama Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal yet again reminded us – government is an organism, just like any other organism.  And an organism’s first priority – is self-preservation.


When a bunch of conservative and Tea Party groups looked to scale back the organism – the organism struck back.

Now, imagine how the monopoly Government ISP will treat conservative and Tea Party websites.  Think they’ll get equal bandwidth treatment with Soros-backed Leftist websites?  Neither do I.

So Trump and Congress undoing this – was eminently good policy on numerous fronts.  It undid a huge chunk of cronyism – and rolled back a terribly large government incursion into private sector territory.

An outcome for which we voted in November.  An outcome only Huge Government (Soros) and Cronyism (Google) advocates couldn’t love.

The rest of us revel.


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