Donald Trump Needs to Totally Dump Google

It is certainly understandable that the Donald Trump presidency has left Google – oops, I mean Alphabet – more than a mite discombobulated.

Google has just spent the last eight years all-but-running the Barack Obama Administration.  Google people visited the Obama White House at least 427 times.  Dozens of key Google staffers – transmogrified into key Obama Administration staffers.  Google literally wrote ridiculously crony policies that ridiculously favored them and crippled their competitors.


But all bad things must come to an end.  The eight-year-long-national-nightmare Obama Administration finally drew to a close.  And as it did, Google went all-in to secure Obama’s Democrat successor – Hillary Clinton.  To ensure that its crony gravy train continued.

Seton Motley | Red State |

Lest we forget, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt in June 2016 claimed “We’re not going to touch Trump vs. Clinton.”  Which was..not exactly true.  Schmidt worked directly with the Clinton campaign.  Schmidt was also a member of the “Democratic Victory Task Force.”  Google was caught – at least twicerigging Clinton search results so as to cover up her massive corruption.

But none of it worked.  The Google crony magic was gone – Trump won.

And Google hasn’t been dealing particularly well: Anti-Trump Protesters Gather at Google Headquarters: “(C)rowd(s) at the Mountain View, California headquarters, as well as offices in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and around the world,…A person at the (headquarters) rally told CNBC that Google CEO Sundar Pichai and cofounder Sergey Brin spoke there.…”

Not dealing so well: “‘Some of us may need to adopt Pence 2017 bumper stickers,’ Google’s cofounder Sergey Brin joked at a company sponsored anti-Trump protest….”

Not dealing very well at all: “Google lawyers flooded the California office of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, demanding she oppose (Trump nominee) Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation as attorney general.”

Eric Schmidt’s opposition has also been…less than understated: “(T)he Trump administration is ‘going to do these evil things.…’”


But while doing and saying things like all of that – Schmidt and Google are attempting to do things like this: “Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO and chair of Alphabet, has traveled to Trump Tower a least twice to meet with the president and his team, but hasn’t made any real progress.”

Google should make absolutely zero progress.  They spent most of the last decade enjoying anti-free market government favors from a Democrat administration.  They strived mightily to ensure that there would be a successor Democrat administration – to continue their crippling cronyism.

And Google lost.  To Trump – a man who won in large part by pledging to end just this sort of Washington, D.C. business-as-usual corruption.

Google’s minions should be totally removed from anywhere they infest the federal government – and Google should get absolutely no further favoritism from DC.

Much has rightly been made of Obama Administration staff holdovers being obnoxious, surreptitious disruptors of the Trump Administration.  They all should be in totality swept out of the government.  Yet bizarrely: Trump Keeping 50 Obama Administration Officials.  Why on Earth would he do that?

As but one example – Trump is inheriting Patent and Trademark Office head Michelle Lee.  Whose immediately preceding gig was the first ever head of Patents and Patent Strategy – for Google.  Google’s patent strategy – is to steal as many patents as they possibly can.  I would like to think the Trump Administration would remove Google’s crafter of patent theft – from atop the U.S. patent office.


Despite some lame face-saving attempts at post-election outreach, Google clearly remains vociferously opposed to the Trump Administration and the many anti-cronyism cleanups in which this administration is going to engage.

Obama Administration Google holdovers – are an awful subset of all of the awful Obama Administration holdovers.  Leaving any of these residual moles in place – will only greatly hamstring and damage the DC improvements this administration will try to make.  ALL of them – absolutely need to go.

And any continued Google lobbying efforts – any attempts to maintain any of their government-crony favors – should be summarily rebuffed and dismissed.  While their government-favors – are summarily rolled back and dispatched.

Google has already had all things DC their way – for far too long.


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