When Good Intentioned Organizations Meet Free Press and the Left

If You Sign On with Dogs, You May End Up Fleeced

Free Press is the Media Marxist organization leading the charge to wrest control of the internet from those who have invested tens of billions of dollars to develop it into the free speech, free market Xanadu that it is today.


Free Press and their ilk would rather sole control of web infrastructure be in the hands of the government – which always and everywhere has done an excellent job of ensuring a thriving environment for free speech and free markets.

(Editor’s Note: Much sarcasm in the last paragraph.)

The weapon most needed by the Media Marxists to accomplish this government takeover is the terribly mis-named “net neutrality.”  Which is socialism for the internet – it ensures everyone has equal amounts of nothing.

Nothing will shut down private investment into the internet faster and better.  Which is just what Free Press & Co. want – to have the private players cede the field, leaving government alone to dominate it.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – led by its (Harvard Law School buddy of President Barack Obama) Chairman Julius Genachowski – is at the moment pressing forward on broadband regulatory reclassification.

Which is the FCC seeking to drastically and unilaterally increase its power to regulate broadband internet – to justify amongst other terrible things the enforcement of so-called “net neutrality.”

This despite the fact that a federal court and many, many members of both Parties of both houses of Congress have all told the Chairman that the FCC does not have the statutory authority to do so.


And Free Press & Co. – sensing that this is their moment, and that they’re the people they’ve been waiting for – are bringing as much pressure as they can muster to bear to ensure that their warped definition of success is achieved.

Which brings us to their coalition letter – sent and publicly released on June 29th.  As these things go, it is a tremendously feeble effort.

There are 150 signers, which on its face is a routinely impressive number.  But two individual signers are from the same organization, so that means 149. But that only begins to explain the weakness of this effort.

When coalition missives such as this one are executed at the national level, the signers all usually possess two characteristics.  One – they are national organizations/individuals.  And two – they are organizations/individuals in the public policy arena.

This can not be said of the vast majority of the signers on to Free Press’s letter.

A great many are local entities, some so small they do not even turn up on a Google search.  There are some semi-duplicates here as well.  The National Organization for Women (NOW) signed on, but so too did the Mid-Suffolk NOW branch office in Stony Brook, New York.  There are also it appears several for-profit entities on board (that work with non-profits), which is a little unusual – especially given the title given the letter by Free Press: “Non-profit sign on letter.”


And there are many non-public policy, non-political entities.  Some do very good charity work – but they are NOT AT ALL involved in public policy slogs like the Free Press push for governmental internet domination.

It would appear these entities were unaware of the nature of the dogs with whom they’ve now climbed into bed.

There’s the aforementioned NOW, a marginal and divisive outfit from whom one would think most charitable organizations – seeking monetary support from a broad base of Americans – would want to steer clear.

But it gets worse.

Another of the signers is James Rucker, the co-founder of ColorofChange.org.  This space cadet entity’s other co-founder?  Van Jones – the self-defined Marxist whose 9-11 Trutherism forced the Barack Obama Administration to dispatch him from his gig as the Administration’s Green Jobs Czar.

And then there’s Free Press.  Which was co-founded by another avowed Marxist – Robert McChesney.  McChesney is a master of the insidious written word.

Here’s what McChesney wrote about “net neutrality”:

“At the moment, the battle over network neutrality is not to completely eliminate the telephone and cable companies. We are not at that point yet. But the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.”


Speaking of 9-11, here is McChesney less than two weeks after that horrible day:

“The United States is, I think, by any honest account, the leading terrorist institution in the world today.”

McChesney on Venezuelan Communist thug Hugo Chavez:

“Venezuela is a constitutional republic. Chavez has won landslide victories that would be the envy of almost any elected leader in the world, in internationally monitored elections.”

And McChesney on America’s capitalist system:

“There is no real answer but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles.”

And there’s oh so much more.

Are these the types of people and ideas with which non-political non-profits really want to associate?  I wouldn’t think so, and I sincerely hope not.

It seems obvious that the vast majority of Americans – upon whom these entities rely for contributions – would reconsider donating to organizations that choose to affiliate with this sort of unreconstructed radicalism.

So this is a call to the non-political non-profits on this letter.  We are going to assume that you were unaware of how dangerously bizarre some of your co-signers – and the letter’s authors – are.


Please review carefully the materials to which this article refers and links.  And then do the right thing, and publicly withdraw your name from and support for this radical Leftist effort.

We will publicly identify the organizations that do – and don’t – by name and address, telephone and email.

So that the American people will know to whom they were contributing – and can decide to whom they will continue contributing.



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