Stand With Nikki Haley

Friends, in just a few days we have the chance to be a part of a national earthquake election to help save our country from fiscal disaster. On Tuesday, we have the opportunity to elect principled conservatives that will be part of the next generation of American leaders. I’ve been proud to support conservative candidates around the nation and in my home state that will fight for limited government, strong national security and traditional values.


For folks in South Carolina, please don’t take anything for granted this Tuesday. We need your vote and your help to encourage others to come out to vote for our inspiring slate of U.S. House candidates Tim Scott, Joe Wilson, Mick Mulvaney, Trey Gowdy, Jeff Duncan, and Jim Pratt.

And most importantly for our state, I encourage you to stand with Nikki Haley this Tuesday and vote for her to be our next governor of South Carolina. Nikki is a commonsense conservative leader that will help move our state forward. Nikki will be a strong governor that will stand up to Washington’s attempts of overreach into issues that should be handled at the state and local level. She will fight to cut wasteful spending and reduce taxes to encourage job growth and a strong state economy.

I’m proud to support Nikki Haley and all of our conservative candidates this Tuesday, and I hope you’ll stand with me.

Let’s make November 2nd the biggest Tea Party of the year.


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