Video Surfaces of Newly-Confirmed Progressive US Attorney Rachael Rollins Losing It and Attacking the Press

Credit: screenshot, @mikesacconetv/Twitter, Boston 25 News

In July of this year, President Joe Biden nominated Suffolk County DA and Progressive Socialist Rachael Rollins for the District of Massachusetts US Attorney position.


Rollins, who has built a career pushing progressive justice “reforms” (spoiler alert: they aren’t), has only worked in the role as Suffolk County DA since 2019, having previously worked as Counsel to numerous government agencies including the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, the Massachusetts Port Authority, and the National Labor Relations Board, according to the Washington Post. She holds a Bachelor’s from the University of Massachusetts in African-American Studies, a JD from Northwestern, and a Master of Laws (Labor and Unemployment Law) from Georgetown.

Yet Rollins’ behavior as District Attorney has been erratic at best. In January 2021, a Boston news crew went to Rollins’ home to get answers to questions regarding an issue unrelated to the Biden Administration. Immediately, Rollins became irate, making a big deal about the press being at her home where her children were.

In a profanity-laced tirade, Rollins accused the news crew of a gross invasion of privacy, suggesting that her children were in danger as a result of the news crew’s presence.

The video of the encounter is here:


Rollins even went as far to suggest that the news crew’s tracking her down at her home was racially motivated, accusing the Fox affiliate of putting her in danger “as a black woman, in this moment in the country.”

Yet Rollins didn’t stop. She instructed a Boston police officer to order the members of the press to leave. Yes, she ordered a police officer to tell the press where they could not be in public. She even suggested they would be arrested for their actions.

Yet, even that wouldn’t have gone well for Rollins. Why? Well for many reasons, the first of which is that the TV crew had committed no crime. Even had they shown Rollins’ home in the video (they did not), that is not a crime. They are not trespassing, and last I checked, the press enjoys this little thing called the First Amendment.

Certainly, I can agree with Rollins that Fox’s decision to track her down at her home is in bad taste, but actions like this are literally out of the Dem playbook. Remember the FBI raids of certain conservatives? Wasn’t the press tipped off? Weren’t they at their homes? Where was the Democrat outrage then?

Even further though, had the news crew been engaged in a crime, that crime would likely have never have been prosecuted by Rollins’ office.  During a hearing in the Senate regarding Rollins’ new role (into which she was later confirmed by the Senate) Ted Cruz pulled out a list of crimes that Rollins has decriminalized:


Rollins was clear that the news crew was someplace they shouldn’t have been, instructing an officer to remove them. Yet, had they committed the crime of trespassing, Rollins’s office would never have prosecuted those charges.

She also accused them of being a threat to her children, absent any evidence that they ever were a threat at all. Had the crew walked up to the door and actually threatened those kids, what do you know, it wouldn’t have been prosecuted by Rollins office. Hell, had they done those things earning them an arrest by an officer, and resisted that arrest, it would have never resulted in prosecution. Oh, and now might be the time to mention that had she even chosen to violate her own orders to prosecute the news team, they likely would have been out shortly under her zero-bail policy.

Rollins, like most progressive whack-job Democrats, lives in a world of “standards for thee but not for me.” She is incensed that the media would dare show up at her house to ask her questions but does not have a problem with the media harassing conservatives (or you know… jurors on the Rittenhouse trial) at home.

She has no problem with attempting to enforce the law, or even basic standards of decency when they protect her, but denies those same rights to thousands of others who are the victims of crimes committed by those she has instructed not to prosecute. Criminal justice reform isn’t the decriminalization of the law, a refusal to prosecute, nor is it the job of the District Attorney to institute these reforms. Reforms to the Criminal Justice system must be done through the legal and constitutional channels, through legislatures that develop new laws or eliminate old ones, with those changes being signed into law by an executive.


Progressives often claim to love the American system, but never abide by it. Rollins never wanted to be DA. She wanted to be a “Change Leader” (as written in her Twitter bio). It is a shame she was confirmed as the US Attorney. It looks like a recipe for the denial of constitutional rights and liberty to the unfortunate residents of that district.


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