Neil Oliver's Blistering New Criticism of COVID Segregation Policies Is Another Must Watch

Neil Oliver's criticism of COVID protocols. Credit: CBN video screenshot.

A few months ago I saw Neil Oliver on a documentary of some sort but did not know who he was. Then, as I was scrolling through Twitter, I came across the video that I shared recently, in which Oliver dismantled the COVID hysteria through calm and powerful language.  Oliver’s style isn’t flashy.  Between his hair and his brogue, you’d figure that Oliver would be the last from whom you’d hear those sorts of words spoken.


Imagine my surprise when, as I was checking the video comments for that video, I came across another video from that same broadcast, which may even be more praiseworthy than the first.

Earlier this year, Gina Carano was fired by Disney from the Star Wars show, The Mandalorian, over comments which compared government requests to rat our your neighbors, to actions taken by the Nazis during the Holocaust.  The media and the Branch Covidian cultists on the left unilaterally decided that any comparison to the Nazis, regardless of accuracy, was grounds for cancelation on the spot.  It appears that Neil Oliver didn’t get that memo, as this video doesn’t shy from that.

He begins:

Mark Twain said history doesn’t repeat but it rhymes.  For five days this week, Austria locked down its unvaccinated people.  Almost two million were only allowed out to work and to buy food and such.  Many of those unvaccinated were therefore working in shops and cafes and restaurants and so on, as lowly servants if you will, but as soon as their shifts ended they could not be in those same places certainly not as customers.  Even before getting to the morality or otherwise of such rules, on what planet does that strategy even make sense?  They were fit to serve the vaccinated their coffees and to bag their purchases, but they were deemed otherwise unclean and unfit to be mixing with the good clean people.  Austrians interviewed on the street were frighteningly unconcerned, unmoved, even supportive of the social hobbling of their fellow citizens.  “The virus must be stopped, “ they shrugged ignoring or unaware of the fact no available vaccine fully prevents catching or spreading COVID.

It seems clear to me that the move was not about health but about compliance and obedience or rather yet another bid to tackle and subdue the stubborn refusal to comply and to obey. “Do as you’re told.”  Now the authorities have the whole population locked down once more. Presumably, some bright sparks somewhere had the notion that stigmatizing and segregating the unvaccinated might have the desired effect, but it certainly wasn’t going to halt the spread. Certainly not in Vienna, where a brothel offers punters 30 minutes with the lady of your choice, and I’m quoting there, in return for taking the jab.  Here we have women placed on a par with Kebabs, burgers, ice cream, lottery tickets, and the rest of the freebies offered as inducements to compliance.  This is not about health; Certainly not the mental and physical health of those women.  Trafficking of women for sex work is a feature of modern slavery across the world but maybe we don’t care about that.  Instead, we turn a blind eye while men cue up to take a medical procedure and then help themselves to a woman.


Oliver couldn’t be more correct.  This is often the issue with COVID mandates.  Here we have a government calling for the literal ostracizing of its citizens, despite those same citizens being allowed to serve the “ruling class” under the conditions which they deem appropriate.  Yet, if these same people took off their nametags and walked around the other side of the counter, government mandates would state they are out of compliance.  Similarly, they believe women who often are victims of having little control over their bodies, can be traded as a reward for someone else losing their autonomy over theirs.  Later in the video, Oliver continues:

History shows bad governments often look for people to blame, often some of their own people, uniting a large part of the population against a smaller part, giving frightened angry people a focus for their frustrations and also for their disgust, is as old as the hills.  If the 20th century has a lesson for us, a lesson that ought to be as permanent, as indelible as any scar or tattoo, it is that encouraging citizens to regard a minority of their fellows as unclean as vectors of disease generally ends badly.  Badly for everyone.

In Poland in 1941, there was a propaganda campaign that spread the message that Jews spread typhus, a lethal disease.  Blaming an identifiable minority for the spread of a disease is a ghost we should have laid to rest long ago, but here it is back again.  It turns out it never went away at all.  History doesn’t repeat but it rhymes.


Oliver is right.  To suggest that the unvaccinated are the only ones that spread the virus, or even suggest that they are the only ones capable of doing so, is, by the very definition, propaganda, if that same information is being used to demand that others be vaccinated.  And to suggest that only the unvaccinated are the cause of most new infections, (or even that the vast majority of them are) creates a two-class system based upon misinformation.  Vaccines certainly do not hold the level of efficacy which they suggest they do, because if that were true, there would be a correlation between higher vaccination rates, and lower new case numbers. There is not.

Oliver’s conclusion, however, drives the stake through the heart of progressive leftism, which claims some virtuous moral high-ground, yet ignores blatant issues to which they claim to be so opposed:

History rhymes. We lament the chattel slavery of our past while turning a blind eye to women and children trafficked for sex, children in deadly dangerous mines in the Congo harvesting the cobalt for our phones and electric cars, making the cheap clothes we wear once and throw away.   We turn blind eyes and deaf ears to uncounted numbers of girls raped and abused in Rotherham and other towns all over England for fear of upsetting community relations.  We promise never to forget the Holocaust while simultaneously turning a blind eye to the abuse, perhaps genocidal abuse, of the Uyghur Muslims in China.  We’re already being encouraged to turn a blind eye to the locking down of Austria’s unvaccinated.   Will we turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to compulsory medical procedures for her citizens? Will we remain silent while such a dark tide slides ever closer to our own shores, one country at a time?  He who remains silent is deemed to have granted his consent, or so the old tenet goes.  Will we remain silent or will we speak up loud and clear and truthfully?  Martin Luther King said we have a moral obligation to disobey unjust laws.  Will we speak up to withhold our consent?  Will we disobey unjust laws and if we will not then who are we?


Watch the whole segment here:




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