The Latest COVID Data Offers Yet Another Factual Rejection of COVID Vaccine Effectiveness Narrative

One of the greatest frustrations I have had for the better part of the last year is that, despite contradicting data, “scientists” and government bureaucrats claim superiority over fact in clinging to the notion that their mitigation efforts are making a dent in the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, when Biden took over the presidency from Trump in January 2021, there had been more than 434,000 COVID deaths in the United States accounting from January 9th, 2020 (the date of the first COVID death in the US), until January 20th, 2021. In other words, deaths under Biden will likely surpass the death count under Trump, despite having a “functional vaccine” available during the length of his time as President.

International data continues to prove the fact that the information we are receiving from the government and the media is total and complete garbage. (We’ve already covered in previous pieces that on a national basis, here in the United States, vaccination rates do not correlate to lower transmission, hospitalization, or death rates.) In taking a look at this data, we wanted to compare Portugal, one of the world’s highest vaccinated countries, to other countries in Europe, the European Union as a whole, the US, South Africa (and their explosion of cases with Omicron)and then the whole world.  First, let’s acknowledge the COVID vaccination rates of those countries:


As you can see, Portugal has nearly 90 percent of its population vaccinated, well above many other countries in Europe and the European Union as a whole. This is important because Portugal has achieved a much higher vaccination rate than the level experts label “herd immunity,” therefore making the case that Portugal should be an example of vaccine efficacy. On average, only 67 percent of the European Union is vaccinated against COVID-19, and Portugal claims a vaccination rate of over 87 percent. Furthermore, Portugal leads the US by 30 percent and South Africa by 64 percent. If there were a correlation between vaccination rates and infection rates, you could expect Portugal, Malta, Iceland, and Spain to be at the bottom of the following list:


Yet, as we examine the data regarding the new cases growth rate, it shows that Portugal and Malta are 4th and 5th in that list, with Iceland checking in at 13th. Certainly, there can be outliers and exceptions to the rule, but some of the least vaccinated places have the lowest new case growth rate among those compared populations.  The United States, which was 13th out of 15th on the list of populations for vaccination rate, has the lowest new growth rate of any compared population. Yes, South Africa is first on the list for new case growth, but that can likely be attributed to panic driving new testing as the next group of data we are examining will show:


When comparing vaccination rates to the new death growth rate, you could expect this to show an advantage to the higher vaccinated populations, right?  Wrong. In fact, the two countries with the highest vaccination rates also have the highest death growth rate over the last 14 days, when compared to the other populations. The United States, which was 13th in vaccination rate, was also 13th in the new death growth rate.

Even more shockingly, South Africa, which was last on our list of compared populations for vaccination rate and first on our nations for new case growth rate, is last on our list for new death growth rate. This can potentially be attributed to two things. First, it’s possible that the new death growth rate has not yet caught up with the new case growth rate; however, since these numbers go back for 14 days in both figures, I would imagine that many of these new cases would have died if Omicron were as terrible as they are attempting to paint it.

The second possibility is that Omicron isn’t as terrible as many are making it out to be, that it’s more transmissible but not more deadly. At the very least, South Africa should have at least a 277 percent growth rate in deaths in the coming days according to this data; however, considering that none of this data is correlated in any way to another set, especially in ways that we are being told it is, I don’t think it will rise to that level.

At some point, they are going to have to admit they are wrong, and I am glad we are finally pushing them to the brink.

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