Must WATCH Video: Neil Oliver's Criticism of COVID Protocols Is Absolute Poetry

Neil Oliver's criticism of COVID protocols. Credit: CBN video screenshot.

I very proudly wear the badge of RedState’s COVID data guy, which oftentimes has me bombarded with information, articles, raw data, and video which I cannot always get to. When this video was sent to me the other day, I couldn’t have imagined I would have been more impressed. In fact, this may be one of the best takedowns of government fearmongering I have seen to date.


Admittedly, I had never heard of Neil Oliver before seeing this video. Oliver is a Scottish archeologist and historian, and largely has been absent from the COVID debate. However, during a television appearance as a part of his GB News hosting duties, Oliver decided to take the COVID hysteria head-on, calling out the lack of logic or reasoning behind the numerous COVID restrictions which have been forced upon populations of many different countries.

Oliver began:

Here we go again. With Christmas on the horizon, a holiday that should be a time for families to put the past behind them and look towards the future, a new variant of the virus has seemingly been dispatched from poor old Africa as the gift no one asked for and no one wants. After months of messages of fear from our governments and their favored scientists here comes more of the same. We can only presume that too many of us were seen to be awakening from the toxic trance into which we had been put by propaganda from the nudge unit. Fear has been the key to nearly two years of unprecedented power for politicians and their scientists. Fear has also blinded people to the reality of manipulation and mass hypnosis used to make them and to keep them compliant. But with that fear on the wane, losing its power to do harm much like the virus was losing its power, it was plainly timed to cast another spell and here it is in the form of yet another variant. How timely.

And indeed, timely it is. Once people finally began to realize that the panic for the Delta variant was largely overblown and that government restrictions did little to nothing to prevent the spread, many went about their lives again, including those who were duped by the first round of COVID restrictions.


Later in the video, Oliver continues:

I hardly know where to begin to list all of the apparent confusion in no particular order. I’ve heard it said today that the new variant might sidestep the vaccines and that it’s therefore vital for everyone to get their booster shot. How does that work? The vaccines might not stop this variant so take more vaccine. Some scientists and doctors are saying now that maybe they vaccinated too many people too quickly in some parts of the world while not vaccinating enough people in other places like the African continent. Apparently, and I think I have this right, this has forced the virus to act like any species under pressure and that those mutations best able to cope with the new tougher conditions, by being more transmissible perhaps, are coming to the fore, survival of the fittest and all that.

I’m sure it was at least rumored at first that the new variant the Botswana variant or Omicron (wasn’t he a Transformer?), or whatever they’re calling it now, had sprung from unvaccinated people. Now I read that no, all four confirmed cases were fully vaccinated, so that it becomes clear that mutations, more dangerous or not, are just as likely to come from the fully jabbed. And don’t get me started on natural immunity, which is what you have if you’ve had COVID and got over it with only your immune system for company, because while one scientist says it’s the best option, others say it counts for naught and that the only way is to roll up your sleeve for the third time or the fourth or the fifth.


As many of us have questioned “scientists” on the ever-growing list of data that contradicts the hysteria narrative: the swirling vortex of inconsistencies tearing apart the basis these people have used to enforce their will upon us. How a government can enforce any mandate for vaccine, let alone one that lacks the efficacy they tell us it does, and one that has the potential, however remote, of lasting negative side effects, is mind-blowing.

Now to suggest that the only way we can avoid a virus, that to date has been shown to infect the vaccinated, is to be vaccinated, is peak tone-deafness, and a huge contributory factor as to why people around the world have chosen to ignore government mandates and restrictions.

Oliver’s video goes on for more than nine minutes, but it is absolutely poetic, and I recommend watching it all the way through.

Watch the video here:


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