This SNL Skit May Be the Funniest in a While, and Not for the Reason You Might Think

"Republican or Not" skit, screenshot. Credit: Saturday Night Live/NBC

SNL has been on the struggle bus for several years when it comes to the quality of content they have been putting out. Certainly, from time to time, they hit the nail on the head, but most of the time the content is just boring and lecturing which loses me within a few minutes.


Unless one of the musical guests or hosts is someone for whom I hold a great deal of respect (like Dave Chappelle), I usually don’t tune in for the show live. Though I very much enjoyed Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings and enjoy Simu Liu as an actor (his story is pretty nuts), it wasn’t enough to justify me checking in last week when he hosted SNL.

When a skit featuring him and another one of my childhood favorites (and by that, I mean I basically grew up with him) Kenan Thompson, came up on my Facebook feed, I decided to check it out for the five or so minutes the video said it was going to run. I am certainly glad I did because it is among the funniest SNL skits I have seen in a long time.

The skit portrays Thompson as game show host Benson Dubois, and is the kind of role in which Thompson shines, particularly as he is able to slap that same grin we remember from the All-That days (on Nickelodeon) and just dish out epic levels of snark. Dubois hosts a game show called “Republican or Not,” where contestants have to guess from a series of clues, whether or not the person for whom the clues are about, is a Republican or not. Pretty simple, eh?

Well, as you’ll see, Simu Liu portrays contestant Jim Lee, who comes into the show with a great deal of confidence. Ego Nwodim plays the other guest, Michelle Flynn, a native resident of Ohio who believes her experience from her home state will give her an edge. As each of the guests takes the stage, they begin to hilariously highlight the hypocrisy of both parties. Each clue the guests give show that there are truly double standards held by everyone. Even the word from their “sponsors” was absolutely hilarious.  The funniest, though, is the last guest!


Funny stuff!  Let’s hope that SNL gets the message that it is okay to laugh at this stuff now. SNL’s YouTube page shows that most skits get around 500,000 views, some as many as over a million, but this skit generated over two-and-a-half million views in six days — making it that week’s most popular episode.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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