The White House's Latest Statement on Gas Prices Is So Astonishingly Stupid, It May Be Aneurysm Inducing

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Buckle up, folks, you’re in for a doozie.  Jen Psaki’s latest thoughts on gas prices are just that bad.

In the ongoing saga that has been the stream of completely delusional propaganda that has been coming out of the Biden White House, nothing has been more astounding than the spin on our current economic downturn.  With soaring costs due to rampant inflation and supply chain issues, our government continues to try to “dem-splain” what they want us to believe is actually happening.  While many of us already see the coming storm, Dems continue pointing out their nickel-lining to the clouds of the impending economic doom.


We’ve heard everything from arguments that inflation is a good thing to suggestions that printing additional money doesn’t cause inflation.  Yes, they want you to believe that increasing the supply of money, thus decreasing the value of the money already in circulation, is not the literal primary cause of inflation and certainly hasn’t contributed to the highest inflationary rate in nearly 40 years.  Mayor Pete is out there saying that one inflation fix is Biden’s Infrastructure Plan, which is just massive Government Spending, likely requiring the printing of more money, without creating anything or increasing production because the vast majority of planning and funding for roads and infrastructure comes from state and local sources anyway.  The result of printing money is almost always inflation.

Yet, as we noted yesterday, just when you think the delusional statements have to end at some point, we have this doozy from COVID-survivor (who got it even though she was already vaccinated) and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki:



“Look, our view is that the rise in gas prices over the long term makes it an even stronger case for doubling down our investment and our focus on clean energy options so we are not relying on uh…  the fluctuations and OPEC and their willingness to put more supply and meet the demand in the market.”

Wait… What?

They believe that higher gas prices, which are directly attributable to Biden’s policies, are somehow a justification for doubling down on investment (hint: your tax dollars) on “clean energy options” (except the cleanest and most efficient, nuclear) so that we aren’t dependent upon foreign oil, which we already weren’t when they came to office?

This is either a flat-out stupid understanding of how energy prices are determined or, and much more likely in my opinion, an admission to altering policy to send gas prices soaring as a means to justify insane spending on less effective and more expensive energy sources.

When Biden came to power in January, gas prices were low and stable.  Right off the bat, Biden canceled the Keystone Oil Pipeline, destroying oil futures.  He paused all new oil and gas leases.  His policies have not just been pro-clean-energy, they have been anti-fossil-fuel, which has sent a panic through energy producers as to how to proceed with plans for more US and Canadian production of petroleum and natural gas.  After the unilateral cancelation of Keystone, current pipelines like Enbridge’s Line 5 in Michigan, which ships 540,000 barrels of oil a day, are left in limbo wondering if and when the Biden Administration might come for them next.  In the case of Line 5, another enviro-wacko administration, this time, Governor Whitmer’s in Michigan, unilaterally ordered the end of the use of the pipeline in May.  Enbridge respectfully told Whitmer to pound sand.


Let’s not forget that after a cyber attack on a pipeline that handles 15% of our national distribution, gas prices began to tick up.  After it was determined the perpetrators were linked to Russian hackers, Biden announced a zero-tolerance cyber-attack policy, for any attacks on certain types of American infrastructure. And what do you suppose Biden did about the Colonial Pipeline attack?  Not a damn thing.

When Psaki gets up there and says that gas prices going up is a good thing, all she’s doing is providing cover for Democrat policies that created the problem in the first place.  Her disingenuousness is magnified by her suggesting that rising gas prices might be the path to US Energy independence when the US was already energy independent when Biden took office.  Was that the point she was trying to make, though?  Was it always the Biden Administration’s plan to manufacture a fossil fuel crisis, to justify their radical agenda?  It certainly sounds that way.

Which makes things for the Biden Administration even worse.  Was funding for clean energy projects only available if they caused the current crisis? Did they have to nearly double gas prices to get what they wanted?  Was it necessary to send the budgets of American families into total disarray to prove their point? Are an aggressive clean-energy plan, and maintaining low gas prices and US energy independence, mutually exclusive?   Of course, we know the answer to all those questions is no.  Yet, they did it anyway.


Did they have data that suggested that doing this would accelerate the switch to clean energy?  Likely not, because the capital required for investment in clean energy is vanishing by the day as the cost for fuel and therefore, the cost of transporting goods, continues to increase.   And what about the tax revenues required to fund such a lofty and expensive climate agenda?  Well, a funny thing happens when you make things more expensive: People spend less, buy less often, and get by with less.  A cascade of effects come from that, including businesses producing less, employing fewer people for fewer hours, and even in some cases, ceasing operations.  As a direct result, tax revenues across the board, suffer.

Yet it wasn’t just energy policy that caused this either.  Remember, our inflationary rate has increased, causing the cost of products to increase.  It literally takes more dollars to buy the same amount of gas.  Crude Oil is also traded on the dollar, which has lost a significant amount of value over the last year requiring more dollars to buy the same amount of crude.

Yet, Psaki wants you to believe this is a supply issue with OPEC. That somehow, OPEC is screwing with us, when every single issue associated with the rise in gas prices is directly attributable to Biden and the Democrats.


It is hard to imagine that all of this is a mistake.  If it was, the near-savant level of incompetence that would be required to cause this economic implosion should be commended.  I mean, how else do you describe being such a colossal disaster of a policymaker to have accidentally done all of this in less than a year?  This is why I, and likely you while reading this, can only conclude that it isn’t.  This has to be part of the plan.  This has to be what they intended to do so that they could fundamentally alter the economy and industry within the United States.  Remember, Rahm Emmanuel once said that you “never let a good crisis go to waste.”   Well, what about a crisis they create?  What about a crisis they manufacture?  What about a synthetic crisis, which has many solutions, yet the people in charge only offer one:  “doubling down our investment and our focus on clean energy options.”

I mean… is it really that crazy?


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