Where's Kamala?

Where's Kamala?
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In 2010, while working on the California Attorney General race for the opposing candidate, I got my first introduction to the woman who would be Vice President.  I had never heard of the woman who was San Francisco District Attorney, and there is likely a good reason:  She had never accomplished anything.  The candidate I was working for had decided to take the high road, instructing no negative ads.  He wanted to make this about records and his was a sterling one, having stretched 30 years without as much as a blip of any major accusations of impropriety.  Despite mutual promises to make the campaign about the issues, this unknown candidate broadsided our campaign by running negative and unfounded ads on her way to the Attorney General’s Office.  This was my first introduction to Kamala Harris.

I remember her demeanor was one way behind the cameras and another in front of them.  Certainly, my opinion of her was shaped by a partisan bias, but I had also learned to appreciate the style of politicians who could convincingly communicate their ideals.  For instance, while I disagreed with Barack Obama on substance, no one could rival his ability to communicate.  The man was an orator supreme, and I was not beyond admitting that.  With Kamala though, I was continually questioning how the woman could have risen to the levels to which she had risen.  Her style wasn’t impressive, her voice was bordering on annoying, and most importantly, she struggled to explain any of her accomplishments.  To her, titles were accomplishments.  Her resume sounded impressive, but again, no supporter of hers could ever tell anyone of something she had done.

At the time, numerous of my colleagues were talking about how she was being marketed as “the female Obama,” which made me laugh because I didn’t see that she was even in the same zip code as the man who had become President, let alone capable of shattering the glass ceiling that no woman had previously been able to do.  As she climbed the ladder first from San Francisco DA, Attorney General of California, and then on to US Senator, it became clear that she was on her way toward her goal.

Yet one thing hadn’t changed in over a decade:  She still had never accomplished a damn thing.  Her campaign was never about her resume, rather things she wanted to do.  When she declared she was running for President, I felt that there wasn’t anyone who was running for President who was less qualified for the position than her.  Her presidential campaign went about as well as you’d expect, with her never breaking low single digits, and never receiving much attention from the national press.

When Biden won the nomination, we all knew that his VP choice was going to be a diversity hire. It almost inevitably needed to be a woman, to combat Trump’s alleged anti-woman slant (despite the fact his White House had more diversity than the Obama White House),  and it needed to be a minority woman, to provide a counterweight to nominating the oldest and whitest male the Democrats could find.  In narrowing down the options as far as they did, it left them with “Russian-Agent” Tulsi Gabbard, who likely would have won against Trump on her own, and of course, Kamala Harris.  Harris didn’t rise to the Vice Presidency as a result of her accomplishments.  She checks boxes for the Democrats rather than presenting the ability to actually be President.

If there’s anything that the Joe Biden Presidency has given Kamala, it is the opportunity to prove her haters wrong.  Yet, despite the wealth of opportunity at her feet, Kamala is nowhere to be found.  What better way to finally step up to the plate and not only prove yourself, but also provide the country with a bit of relief knowing there was someone who could handle the situation in the wings, in case the geriatric Magoo behind the Resolute Desk needs relieving (beyond what he already drops in his Depends).  Instead of rising to the challenge and taking on just one of the numerous issues that have sent our country into a panic, Kamala has been harder to find than Carmen San Diego.

Since Vice President Harris has been assigned the task of handling the crisis at our Southern Border, the problem has only gotten worse, with thousands still coming across the border every day.  The images on which the left railed against Trump still appear the same as they did when they abhorred them.  The number of unaccompanied minors showing up at the border is on pace to break the record this year, despite the Vice President’s best efforts.  The media has been virtually silent where they were once boisterous in their criticisms of the Trump Administration, suggesting that the migrants were in worse hands with the Border Patrol than they were with their cartel-sponsored coyotes, who often would abandon them at the first sign of law enforcement.  The horrible stories of physical abuse, sexual assault, and death which we heard about have all but vanished now that Kamala is in charge, even though not a single action taken by her or this administration has changed a single thing about the plight that those migrants face.

Why stop there though?  I really don’t think that this administration would have a single problem with Vice President Harris offering to lead on any one of the other issues our country faces.  Where is Kamala on our energy crisis?  What about the issue of soaring inflationary rates?  Let’s not even start to talk about Afghanistan.  Just this past weekend, our Vice President thought it was a good idea to laugh in the face of a reporter asking her about this administration’s absolute and total failure in that country.  Is there something that this VP thinks is amusing about the Taliban publically executing our allies within that country? What about the future that can be expected for millions of women under that brutal organization?  What exactly about any of this is funny?

This administration’s failures could have been expected, and in fact, many were predicted.  I mean, how does one expect to print trillions of dollars to support government bailouts without creating a damn thing in the process, without leading to rampant inflation?  How can one publicly state that our country is evil for the crime of enforcing our own sovereignty, and not expect a tidal wave of immigrants heeding their calls?  How could anyone have expected that the Taliban wouldn’t overrun the Afghan Forces without US backing and support?

Yet we all know Joe Biden is beyond his capability to solve any of these issues, which should leave us with the potential of exercising the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.  Instead of Vice President Harris rising the occasion to show she’s capable of taking over for her dementia-ridden, tapioca-minded boss, she hides from the issues because she knows she, too, is completely and utterly unprepared to be President of the United States.

The only problem is that the third in line for that spot is worse than them both combined.  I guess Joe can consider both of them a bit of job security.

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