New COVID Lockdown Measures Are Coming, but Not for the Reason You'd Think

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As a resident of Los Angeles County, I can tell you first hand:  Government is out of control.  Most recently, Not-A-Real-Doctor Ferrer (in that she’s a doctor of social work, not a medical doctor), issued a COVID edict, absent following any constitutional process, that we should revert to mask mandates inside buildings.  For months, these same people who claim to follow “science” (spoiler alert: they don’t), have been throwing their ivory-towered shame at us, claiming that anything short of total compliance amounted to murder.   Remember if you don’t get vaccinated and you don’t wear a mask, it is only because you want to kill people.

Now, words are circling DC that the Biden Administration is eying new national mandates to stop the spread of COVID-19 and the new Delta Variant.

I am here to tell you they are coming, but not for the reason you think.

For the last several months, warnings of an inflationary market have been raising their ugly heads, causing a lot of uncertainty in the market.  And what do we expect?  During the COVID-19 outbreak, the US Government printed trillions while saving nothing.  There was no specific investment into goods or commodities, rather just a bail-out for people being told they couldn’t go to work by the very government which created the conditions under which they couldn’t go to work.  Americans across the country welcomed the teet of government, suckling at it like a hungry newborn while making grunting noises that we expected more.  Even now, discussions continue about yet another “stimulus” check, the irony being that all the trillions spent have gone on to stimulate people’s basic living, rather than stimulating jumps in consumer spending.  The Bush Stimulus of the 2000s went to serve as a reminder that “stimulating” the economy, often creates bubbles which then explode years later (like it did in 2007- 2008).  Remember, this money was money the government had already taken from people and simply was “rebating.”  Call me crazy, but if people having money helps the economy, which the government repeatedly tells us is the case by giving it to us, perhaps they should take less of it from us in the first place?

And what did people spend their multiple COVID stimuli on?  Nothing that created a demand for a damn thing. People spent money on back rent and mortgage payments or refilled the limited savings that they had exhausted on the same.  At the very least, those that spent money on consumer goods simply were buying those materials they were unable to during government-mandated lockdowns.  In fact, the economy has done better since the “reopen” than it did with all of the stimuli combined.  Yet, here is the government talking about how they need to save us from their own measures with a 4th COVID Stimulus Bill (see: test program for UBI).  That’s right, the government is now in discussions about giving us more of our money, just this time, the payments will be automatic until the end of the pandemic, which of course, likely will never really come.  When in a few years we are dealing with the Sierra and Tango variants and we are on the 22nd COVID stimulus, people won’t know how to survive without government.

But while the COVID lockdown (and stimulus) measures are apparently here to stay, the data shows that the measures do virtually nothing to stop the spread of the virus or spur relief from the government-imposed action.  So beyond the forwarding of a government dependence agenda, why else would they keep pushing for more lockdown mandates and relief measures?  Well… I have a theory.

Remember we have been dealing with the signs of a hyper-inflationary market.   First off, consumer prices are through the roof.  Coupled with some supply issues, largely as a result of government lockdowns, prices for some consumer goods are up five and six hundred percent since the same time two years ago.  Even the Fed Chair Jerome Powell had to split with the Biden Administration this last week to say that inflation is likely here to stay.  And again, what do you expect when you dump trillions of dollars into the economy (by printing it), without creating a damn thing in return?  With interest rates at historic lows, certainly, there’s plenty of room to rise to compensate, however raising interest rates would likely mortally wound another segment of the economy:  Real Estate.  We are likely headed for another inevitable economic collapse.

This is exactly why Democrats need a COVID panic.  At this point, Biden is headed for a Carter 2.0 performance, which Democrats know spells disaster for not just their chances of holding the House and Senate in 2022, but also their chances of holding the White House in 2024.  Democrats need less of a reason to give another stimulus, rather they need something to blame should a collapse come. In 2022, as voters ramp-up to vote in the mid-term elections, Democrats will need a scapegoat for a sluggish or slumping economy.  Enter COVID.  The imagined rise in dangerous COVID deaths, which have gone up 100 or so per day nationally since the emergence of the Delta variant, is now such a “threat” that the Biden Administration will be justified in additional lockdown measures, which will be a convenient excuse for any economic crisis.  While we suffer at the hands of incompetent government instituting useless policies, we will be told it was a big bad virus that they were saving us from, that was truly to blame.  Sure they wanted us all to be able to go back to work, producing the goods that could spur an economic recovery, but alas, we could not because they were saving us from the virus.  Never mind the economic policy that pissed in our economic gas tank, it was a virus, which they didn’t start and couldn’t control that wreaked the havoc the sent us into a third economic crisis in just over 20 years.

Unfortunately, I feel like as long as the checks keep coming, Americans are likely to fall for the ruse.


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