Just Who in the Hell Do These People Think They Are?

I’ve not been shy about the fact that I was NeverTrump in and through much of 2019.  Like many, I felt that Trump’s brand of conservatism was often like a sandblaster when at most times, all you need is a 2000 grit sandpaper.  While I didn’t vote for Hillary, I certainly felt that Trump’s policies were better than I had anticipated and as a result, decided to vote for him in 2020.

The left’s march to the beat of progressive activists only confirmed that decision, as well as the consistent effort to label anything that disagreed with them as hate.  Certainly, I found some relief in the fact that Joe Biden was nominated, as I felt he was either too old or too incompetent to do any real damage.  That was until I realized just how far gone he was in his mental capacities in the run-up to the election.  Certainly, we had dodged the Bernie bullet, but Joe’s agenda began looking more and more like a progressive wishlist and less like the moderate handbook we were all assured was coming.

In just the 6 short months that Biden has been President, I have been flabbergasted at the rate at which the Biden Administration has moved to the left, and unapologetically so. Gone are the promises of a moderate, cool-headed, compromising leader and all that remains is a life-size version of Jeff Dunham’s Walter, repeating the words of whoever happens to have his hand up his ass.  This isn’t some jovial moderate trying to find the best result for all Americans.  This is the not-so-slow slither towards authoritarianism.

Just this last week, Democrat officials announced they were going to work with social media and mobile phone companies to target “misinformation” concerning the COVID-19 vaccine.  This effort, which was spearheaded by the DNC and supported by the White House, had a stated goal of “keeping politics out” of the decision of Americans to get the vaccine.  Again, that’s a political party, backed by the current resident of the White House, suggesting that private companies ought to work with them in eliminating misinformation. *Turns on sarcasm font*  I am sure there’s absolutely nothing political about that. *turns off sarcasm font*

Then, later in the week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that she believed that if you were banned from one social media platform, you should, in turn, be banned from all social media platforms.

The fact that the President’s Press Secretary would make such a statement shows her complete and utter disregard for First Amendment protections.  The woman, literally charged with control over the information released to the press from the White House, thinks that a monopolized coordination by social media companies should deny you access to a public forum (such as the internet).  Do you think they are beyond making such a proposal, law?  Of course, they are not.

But then who decides the definition of misinformation?  Who decides what is extremism?  Is posting factual articles about the dangers associated with the experimental (because they have not received full FDA approval as of yet) vaccines, misinformation?  Is opposing policies like critical race theory and defunding the police, extremism?  Are these definitions going to be codified into law or are we just expecting some SJW, beta’d, tech giant employee to be making these decisions on the fly?

And better yet, why is the White House making suggestions like this in the first place? Are we really supposed to believe that enforcing these ridiculous policy suggestions won’t be a portion of some negotiation with these companies in the future?  Do we really need our government leaders suggesting ways for private companies to deny us of free speech (which is their right), as a way of circumventing the Constitutional process of doing the same?

I mean seriously… who the hell do these people think they are?  Is this not the very definition of tyranny?


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