Gretchen Whitmer Tries to Make Energy Crisis Worse, Canadian Energy Company Tells Her to Pound Sand

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

As much of the East Coast of the United States sinks further into the energy crisis created in the wake of the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline this week, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer thinks now is the time to escalate her beef with Enbridge, the company that provides much of the Midwest with oil and gas.

After the Biden Administration revoked the permits to build the Keystone Oil Pipeline, which would have brought a large supply of oil and gas to the US, many energy producers and consumers in the US have become wary of the future of the energy supply.  Fueled by fear-mongering concerns of cataclysmic climate change, the left has been on a march to shutter, delay, and cancel pipelines in the United States, like somehow (in the left’s sophomoric understanding of economics), eliminating access to the supply is going to reduce demand.

Whitmer has taken the position, that (again, in her absolutely incompetent view) the pipeline poses a risk because of the potential for accidents, leaks, or attacks, however, Whitmer also doesn’t offer any alternative as to how Enbridge will supply their millions of customers with their oil and gas needs.  Whitmer doesn’t account for the heating oil and natural gas used by Midwest residents nor the jet fuel that is supplied to Midwest airports from refineries supplied by the disputed pipeline, including Detroit.

While Enbridge is in the process of designing and drilling a new tunnel for the pipeline which will be “safer,” that new pipeline will not be ready for several years.  Additionally, the volume of oil that is sent through Enbridge’s Line 5, the pipeline Whitmer is attempting to shutter, could not be handled by other pipelines in the area, inevitably leading to shortages, increased demand, and soaring energy prices.

In response to Whitmer’s imperialistic order, Enbridge told her to pound sand, saying the oil will keep flowing regardless of her demands because the two sides are still in the middle of court-ordered mediation.

But Whitmer doesn’t care.  Her quest to please her climate-change-gods takes precedence over the needs of her residents and the residents of other states which will inevitably suffer as a result of her decision.  Though Line 5 has previously had issues with small leaks, those leaks have amounted to just 1.1 million gallons leaked over 29 leak incidents, over the last 53 years.  While 1.1 million gallons may seem like a lot, it amounts to 56 gallons a day, less than 5% of the total oil that is pumped through the line in just one day, or just 0.0002% of the 446 Billion gallons of oil that has pumped through the line since 1968.  If I were running a business and my safety and prevention efforts resulted in a 99.9998% success rate, I’d be asking for a raise.

That doesn’t stop the fearmongering left.  Their stupidity in practice means we shut down those oil pipelines, leading to shortages, stagnation of the economy (or outright economic collapse), further victimization of America’s poverty-stricken population, and of course, a significant rise in carbon pollution as the transportation of those oil resources is moved to truck and diesel pushing trains.  Of course, Whitmer and her team of “experts,” don’t factor for any of these issues in the fancy reports.  To them, the reduction of the consumption of carbon-producing fuels is worth it.  Your immediate physical and mental health matters not to them. Neither does your financial situation or your ability to provide for your family.  It all can be sacrificed at the altar of “good intentions” as the left continues the worship of their climate change gods.  To them, your health, freedom, and happiness are expendable as long as they feel like they are doing the will of their progressive agenda.