Paging Sobbing, White-Clad AOC: Please Report to the Nearest Border Facility

uploaded 6/26/19 by JVL, from tweet embedded in story

During the Trump administration, Democrats looked for any opportunity to dunk on Trump and the right for the conditions at Border facilities, particularly when they felt it would score some points in the court of public opinion. These liberals consistently seek to make the argument one of emotion and feelings as opposed to factual statements like, “Democrat policies encourage illegal border crossings.” During a particularly bad surge in border crossings, the Border Patrol facilities became overrun with migrants, requiring some pretty cramped conditions.


We all remember the pictures of AOC standing next to the locked chainlink fence of a border facility, in her bright white shirt and pants, crying hysterically at the site of what the press wanted us to believe was a crowded border facility. The angelic comparison of the emotionally compromised Congressperson crossed the airwaves, as a purported contrast of Trump’s uncaring demeanor to AOC’s brave compassion. Of course, that narrative unraveled quickly as it was revealed that AOC’s photo-op was taken next to a parking lot, just feet from an open gate. She was not able to see any conditions of migrants or could see any migrants from her position, yet the media wanted us to believe that she somehow was moved to tears by the tragic view before her. AOC faced a mountain of criticism for her performative theatre, which she insisted was genuine and heartfelt. She wanted the world to know of the compassion of the Democrats and the hatred and disgust of people on the right, and the media was complicit in spreading that propagandized message.

Nothing has been a bigger example of just how full of sh*t the left is more than their complete friggin’ silence about what is happening at our border right now. While the left had their collective conniption fit over Trump’s handling of the border crisis, they are now fiddling while the border burns. The crisis is now inarguably worse, yet there’s not the same opposition.


To make matters worse, the same transparency which allowed for AOC and other Congressional leaders to tour the facilities has since been denied by the Biden Administration. Due process is gone, as the Biden Administration is denying attorneys for the migrants, access to the facilities and their clients. No photo ops, no press access, no plan for the thousands currently in custody or the thousands they didn’t catch and made it into the country.  It is simply a blob of the unknown. For all that anyone knows, due to the utter lack of transparency, the Biden administration could be torturing migrants, and these formerly outraged members of Congress would have no way of knowing. Their silence on the matter is deafening.

Since, however, AOC has chosen to make herself the leader of this movement, we should be demanding the same anger and outrage we saw while Trump was President. She was there, ready for her close-up, and prepared to fight for those migrants. Today, she’s nowhere to be found. Instead, she’s blaming America as imperialist and the source of the problems at the border. She’s taking some liberties with semantics, suggesting the term “surge” is uniquely related to an insurgency or military action. Somehow, the cages that Biden is keeping kids in are better than the ones the Trump administration allegedly kept kids in.


Where is this AOC?

That AOC is needed at the border, ASAP.


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