Protesters Dump BS In Front Of White House To Protest Lack Of Action For Earth Day

Protesters Dump BS In Front Of White House To Protest Lack Of Action For Earth Day
(AP Photo/The Enquirer, John Grap)

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, this happens.

Today is Earth Day, the celebration of and reverence for our beautiful planet. While John Kerry and Al Gore make their private jet flights around the globe to advocate for action on climate change, a group in Washington D.C. has taken it upon themselves to fight against the Biden Administration’s lack of action on the matter.

To me, this is almost comical. First off, what do you expect when you fearmonger about climate change for years? Eventually, you will have nutjobs that think that dumping manure in the street is going to do something about it. Secondarily, these people are dumping a methane-producing substance in the middle of the street? Where did the wheelbarrows come from? Did they not have to be produced at a factory that releases carbon into the atmosphere? And the paint on them? Likely sprayed on there, releasing additional chemicals and pollutants into the air.

What about all those people? Did they drive cars to attend this event? What about the cleanup? Do these protesters think that a diesel-powered truck isn’t going to pull up and idle the entire time a team, likely delivered to the location by another truck or van, cleans up the mess?

As with most climate protests, this one is almost entirely tone-deaf in its delivery.

As an environmental libertarian, I likely have a smaller carbon footprint than the majority of the protesters out there. Some of you may already know, but I have solar on my house, drive an electric car (which is charged by my solar), and use energy and water-conserving devices.

The best way to protest (or in this case take action) against polluting activities is to first change your own behavior. This is the fundamental difference between the right and the left. The right believes in individual liberty and freedom, and in the case that something reaches a point that requires action, the majority of people will take the appropriate action to counter it. The left, on the other hand, believes that the only way to accomplish anything is through force and coercion – never mind the fact that their own behavior likely has never changed. They want the government to save us from whatever evil or threat to which they think they are exposed.

I chose to take the action in my own life for both financial and environmental reasons. They want action for control and environmental reasons. I was incentivized to take the action I did, while they want everyone forced to take the action they decide they need to take. I feel that if I can take action on behalf of myself, I have done my part. They feel that if they force everyone to act the way they choose, they have done theirs. They are two completely dichotomous beliefs, one of which is at odds with the individual liberty our country was founded on.

One thing is for sure:  Dumping BS in the middle of the street does nothing to fix climate change.

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