The American Left's Cultural Revolution: Succeeding Where Mao Zedong Failed

(AP Photo/Andy Wong)

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

To many on the left, I am a Nazi. My often severe criticism of then-President Trump (and Jewish heritage) mattered not; the fact that I wouldn’t denounce the entirety of his Presidency, I deserved labeled with hyperbolic labels of white supremacist, insurrectionist, traitor, and other horrible names.  As far as I know, Trump nor his supporters never advocated for American world domination, racial superiority of a particular ethnicity, the nationalization of 50 percent of American industry nor incited a World War.  That doesn’t stop the left from thinking that border security means concentration camps and that American isolationist policy (ending numerous wars in the process) and American priority in trade means the loss of American soft power.  Never mind the complete lack of any empirical evidence that supports their claim, to the modern left, the right is worse than Nazis, Soviets, and the Maoist Chinese, combined.

I have long been a student of history.  If there’s been a documentary on World War II or 1960s US-Soviet Relations, I’ve likely seen it.  However, as those two powers fought out the Cold War between 1950 and 1990, the Chinese quietly built a brutal regime that silenced critics and killed dissension.  Under the direction of Chairman Mao, China entered a period called the “Great Leap Forward” from 1957 to 1959, which resulted in the deaths of 15 to 55 million Chinese.  China was broken up into regions or “people’s communes” that were responsible for meeting quotas for production, especially in farming.  To impress the tyrant, these communes would compete, often fabricating or inflating production numbers.  As a result, central planners were unable to appropriately distribute resources.  Compounded with a few years of bad weather and China plunged into a terrible famine.  After push back from “rightists” and the country reeling from Mao’s failures, China returned to some capitalistic plans in the decade that followed. But Mao was not yet done.

In the late 1960s, Mao’s government made a comeback, this time through a different movement.  Mao knew he had failed to maintain control the first time because there were still those who found aspects of capitalism and free enterprise, alluring.  Mao launched the Cultural Revolution Group in 1966, which mobilized the country’s youth to “Bombard the Headquarters” to eliminate the remaining capitalists in government, and later society.  Most interesting is that they believed their violent actions against others were excused under the motto “to rebel is justified.”  This pitted many Chinese against one another, with youth and urban workers forming groups to attack and destroy any remaining capitalist elements in China.  The young communists formed groups like the Red Guards, which spread violent and bloody tactics throughout the country in the name of preserving Chinese Communist Culture.  Remember the violence was justified, as many felt they were fighting a war between good and evil, rather than simply those who had differing opinions.  The Cultural Revolution likely killed as many as 20 million.

During the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, dissension wasn’t just frowned upon, it was actively sought out through the Anti-Rightist movement, which killed intellectuals, capitalists, business owners, and anyone else Mao listed as the enemy. They were jailed, thrown into labor camps for decades, and even killed. Those lucky enough to escape the worst of the brutality were forced into reeducation camps and “programmed” to forsake their previous ideology.  Though many were released following the fall of Mao’s government in the late 1970s, others were held indefinitely or placed on strict house arrest.

As I studied more into the topic I found that the modern American left has taken their current plays for control directly from the pages of Mao Zedong’s playbook.

Think about it.

Mao failed because he attempted to fight against the education system and capitalism.  The American Left instead, folded them both (and more) into their cultural revolution.  In the 1960s, the American left began taking over the education system, first starting by infiltrating the university system.  While the soviets fell and communism abroad began to crumble, the American communists were building a future army of ideological “warriors” that were to fight the ideological battle against the capitalists.  The attacks started slow and appeared harmless.  Demands for increased wages (despite no accounting for an increase in production or products) or benefits (which ultimately increased the cost of healthcare) backfired, sending production abroad.  Still, the American Left felt that their demands were not to blame for the departure of production rather, it was indicative of further failures of capitalism.  Later, the American left’s culture war sought to eradicate religious viewpoints, choosing instead to replace them with dogmatic views and stupid slogans.  Of course, eliminating the moral compass for many had its consequences.  The old story about “giving a mouse a cookie” has now progressed to free education, free housing, and free healthcare (which of course, isn’t free at all).

What the American Left had to do was destroy the truth:  That despite the imperfections of the American experiment, the US is still a more perfect union, than any other government in existence on Earth.  That truth consistently defeated the left’s oppressive ideology, so they resort to their own “truth.”  The truth is no longer a list of factually accurate statements or figures but has now become a function of their feelings.  It is no longer a matter of math or historical accuracy.  It is a matter of how it makes someone feel.  We began hearing people speaking of “my truth” more and more often.  For instance, the American Left wishes to believe that America is a racist nation, that inherently victimizes minorities.  Yet, when asked for an example of a “less racist country,”  the examples are almost exclusively, whiter, more uni-cultural Western European nations, with more strict border policies, immigration quotas, and oppressive restrictions counter to our Bill of Rights.

They had to, through their control of the education system and mainstream media they began planting seeds of anti-American thought.  Our universities taught that, despite the anti-imperialist practices of American foreign policy, we were resented around the globe for our intervention.  Despite countries having no problem cashing the checks written to them by American taxpayers, the American Left wanted us to believe that we were in fact, evil.  Flag burning has become commonplace and painting “death to Amerikkka” is perfectly acceptable.  The media has spun narratives that with all the problems in the country, more government is definitely the answer.  Inevitably, what they advocate for is a constraint on rights, not an expansion of them.  Again, straight from the Maoist playbook. “To Rebel is Justified.”

Now as we have continued down this path, the left would like to see people jailed for not using a preferred pronoun.  Stating someone’s biological gender is hate speech.  Their violence and terror are justified.  Their insurrectionism is justified.  Their ideology is pure and anything that disagrees with it is evil.  The American Left has succeeded where Mao failed, by sustaining and longer and more effective war against capitalism and freedom than had previously existed. In fact, no other country on Earth could have fostered this movement.  The American Left knew that the success or failure of their movement was dependent on the very system against which Mao originally fought.

Their plans are simple:  Plant enough hatred and resentment in people’s hearts that they will begin to believe their eternal victimhood at the hands of the system under which they are under.  Once that inevitably explodes into violence, they will make any criticism of that violence, an evil.  For instance, if I criticize Antifa, I am a part of the system that keeps them “victimized.”  Eventually, the system will break under the pressure, requiring a new, likely more restrictive and tyrannical system, to take its place. Don’t believe me?  Look at the “autonomous zones” created by the left in Portland and Seattle.  They were violent, unsafe, and ungovernable.  They had a higher murder rate than the surrounding areas and 100% of the people killed, were minorities.  Everyone wanted to sit on ivory towers and pontificate about their vision for the future, but when it came to implementation, it was a complete and utter failure.  No one sees themselves as the people under the boot of government, in a socialist/communist regime. They had immediate food and water shortages, lacked any ability to provide healthcare, and created a power vacuum filled by an automatic weapon-wielding “warlord.”  What was required?  A total militarization of the police to force them out of the area.  Yet now again, they are the victim of an oppressive system that requires an even more violent push back, and so on until they institute their failed government model, or they’ve eliminated the opposition altogether (or both).

We truly live in terrifying times.  The American Left is more dangerous than anyone truly understands.  They are in the midst of an American Cultural Revolution, to fundamentally change our country.  Again, think about it.  Freedom of Speech?  Nope.  Freedom of Religion? Nope. Right to Due Process and a Fair Trial?  Nope.  They hate the very foundations of our country and until we wake up, they will continue to erode our liberties until there’s nothing left of them.