The Mainstream Media Proves Just How Wildly Racist They Are

The Mainstream Media Proves Just How Wildly Racist They Are
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In the wake of the tragic shootings in Georgia, the media practically had a collective orgasm in the hopes they could pin this tragedy on white supremacy.  Of course, those hopes are fueled by their continued desire to make Trump into something he isn’t, despite the former President’s silence in the days and weeks since he has left office.  Over the last several years, there has been a liturgy of false attacks perpetuated by the media as a result of their willingness to report on things with wafer-thin credibility, all in the name of dunking on the right.

The attacks in Georgia are no different.  In fact, those attacks prove nothing more than the media’s own racial biases in their own reporting.  In the days and weeks leading up to the attacks in Georgia, there have been continued occurrences of attacks on Asian Americans throughout the country.  Thus far, the perpetrators have been primarily poster-child leftists, though the media would like to blame the sentiment on Trump and his (legitimate and understandable) placing of blame for the SARS-CoV2 virus on China.  Funny how the media, again in their own lacking anything approaching self-awareness, refuses to blame the Chinese Government for the spread of misinformation in the wake of the initial outbreak, as well as labeling anyone calling it the China-Virus, as xenophobic while allowing of the variants of the same virus to be called the UK, South African, and Brazillian variants.  Somehow, those labels are not xenophobic or hateful.

When the initial reports of the shootings in Georgia were making the airwaves, the media was quick to display their next-level-racism in their reporting, all while attempting to create a false narrative regarding the motive behind the shooting.  First, the accusation was that the shooter was inevitably a white male, and second that he absolutely had to have been motivated by racism.  Of course, that accusation extends to some hope that he was a Trump supporter, and his social media presence was going to reveal some racist tirades or hate speech.  Of course, in this case, aside from the guy being a white male, there was no other truth to any of those accusations. In fact, the suspect himself has announced his motivations behind his murderous actions, and none of them even approach racism. That, however, does not stop the left from perpetuating this lie or even making the attempts to call it a racially motivated hate crime, despite the lack of any evidence supporting the matter.  In fact, one of the investigators of the shootings had his social media raided when he refused to state that the shootings were racially motivated.  Apparently, his account had a posting showing a t-shirt that (accurately) stated that the virus responsible for COVID-19, did indeed come from China.  Now it even went as far as the media going after the company that sold the shirts stating (again accurately) that the source of the SARS-CoV-2 was China, reporting they received COVID Relief loans, and somehow that is racist too.

Secondarily, and probably much more biased than anything else, was the MSM’s immediate assumption that massage-parlor fronts for prostitution rings were, in fact, exclusively run by Southeast Asians.  In the initial reports from police, there was no mention of the race or ethnicity of any of the victims, but that didn’t stop the MSM from assuming that the victims were indeed Asian.  Again, if Fox News or Newsmax were out there making the same assumptions, that too would be racist.  The MSM’s biases based upon racial stereotypes are fine, but reporting the factual origination of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is somehow a hate-crime.

This has been the hallmark of the left for years.  Their own racially-biased assumptions are always okay, but no quarter is given to the same dumb assumptions made by those on the right. Regardless, don’t expect the social media overlords to flag the posts of people labeling the attacks in Georgia as racially-motivated, as misinformation.

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