Trump's Border Fence Would Have Saved the Lives of the El Centro Crash Victims

Trump's Border Fence Would Have Saved the Lives of the El Centro Crash Victims
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It seems that any time there is a tragedy on a national level the left seeks a way to blame the right.  When they are unable to do that, they ignore any and all culpability they may have in the situation, usually by ignoring key factors in reporting the case and by dropping the trigger words from the headline. Of late, those words generally include “white,” “male,” and “Trump supporter.” This practice sows division during a time of tragedy, but division, when peddled by the left, is perfectly acceptable at any time. But when those of us on the right blame the left – usually by pointing out that their terrible policies contributed to the tragedy – we are in turn, evil for doing so.

When 13 people were killed and 13 injured in a horrific SUV-vs-semi truck accident on Tuesday in El Centro, California, the media was mum on the cause of the crash, simply stating in their headlines that dozens were killed in a tragic accident. Gone from the headlines were any identifying characteristics of the cause of the crash, why there were over two dozen people in an SUV intended for seven, and, for the most part, any mention of the fact that the crash happened close to the US/Mexico border.

Is there an assumption that there’s something hateful about a vehicle carrying four times its intended capacity? Any person with half a brain would clearly be able to determine that an SUV carrying that many people just a few miles from the border would likely be part of a human smuggling operation. Yet, initial reports and their headlines were devoid of any reference to this. Why? Because doing so would likely point to the failures of the Democrats on the securing of the border.

As the events have been pieced together in this tragic accident, it now appears that the SUV carrying the doomed passengers entered into the US illegally through a hole in a dilapidated portion of the border fence. Democrats have led the charge to defund border security operations, including the Border Patrol, ICE, and the border fence. Had the resources been available, likely, these people would not have died in the horrible crash.

The point is simple: If Republicans are to blame for every tragedy Democrats deem they are responsible for, then that sword should cut the other way and allow blame to be placed on them for their policy shortcomings. The mainstream media and Democrats have made it clear that they do not mind the death and abuse that comes along with human trafficking at our Southern Border. Those are all acceptable casualties in their continued efforts to build an electorate for future generations. That doesn’t mean that immigration reform efforts are stupid. Quite the contrary. In fact, they should be expedited.  The process to enter the United States is entirely too difficult.

However, the continued abuse of the asylum system as a means to illegally enter the country should be eliminated. The Washington Post even looked into this problem while attempting to dunk on former Vice President Pence after he stated that over 90% of immigrants with court dates (to complete their asylum process) do not show up for their court dates. According to their fact check, of illegal aliens who are caught, nearly half do not show up for their court dates. Pence’s figure came from a pilot program of 7,000 cases going through a “rocket docket” expedited process. In that program, over 90% of the immigrants never returned. Even worse is that the United States Federal Government has next-to-zero cases of post-border asylum claims, that is, people who were not caught crossing illegally but apply for asylum once here. Of the asylum cases filed from 2017-2020, better than 99% of filings from crossings on our southern border were from immigrants caught while crossing. Asylum is their last-ditch effort to avoid deportation.

Had Trump’s enhanced border wall been installed in this place, these people would have likely been spared. Democrats own these deaths, not just with their lack of action, but with their flat-out encouragement of illegal border crossings…. and these are just the deaths we know about.  Undiscussed are the deaths in the deserts, the murder, the forced-labor, and the sexual assault that occurs as these people are victimized by coyotes and smugglers.

Shame on the Democrats.

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