You Don't Say: Half Of NYT Employees Feel They Cannot Speak Freely

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It hasn’t been a very good week for the New York Times. Predictably, they “updated” a story regarding the death of the United States Capitol Police Officer, which stated that he was murdered by Trump supporters with a fire extinguisher.  Of course, this change came after the left had unsuccessfully tried to use the story as part of the Impeachment Trial against Donald Trump.  The New York Times has retracted or changed numerous stories that were built on lies and misinformation during the course of the Trump Administration, yet somehow people still trust the flow of propaganda that comes from the paper.


This morning, the New York Post published an article that said that half of New York Times employees say they feel they cannot speak freely at work.

From the NYPost:

“In response to the statement, “There is a free exchange of views in this company; people are not afraid to say what they really think,” only 51% of Times employees responded in the affirmative.

In company comments that accompanied the December poll’s findings, which were viewed by The Post, the 51 percent was noted as being 10% lower than the “benchmark.” One insider said the benchmark likely refers to the average among similar companies surveyed on that statement.

“Although the majority of us feel well-informed, many indicated that differing viewpoints aren’t sought or valued in our work,” read the Times’ internal assessment of the data. “Relatedly, we saw some negative responses on whether there’s a free exchange of views in the company, and scored below the benchmark on this question.”

I really don’t know why this comes as a surprise to anyone.  The New York Times has been held hostage by the violent and fascist left for decades.  Their march towards some off-brand European Socialism led them to hire recruits who would meet their ideological standards, which in turn, has shockingly (and by shockingly, I mean completely predictably) led to the destruction of free and open thought within the paper. Back in July of 2020, staffers indicated they were “terrified of the young wokes,” after the departure of James Bennet after he had the audacity to publish an Op-Ed from Senator Tom Cotton, suggesting that the military should be used to react to the violent protests that plagued the US during 2020.   Meanwhile, reports yesterday from the Biden Administration stated that the National Guard will stay in DC until the end of the year.  Apparently, leftists only like the military when it is used as a means to quell violence from the right.  Violence from the left is just peachy-keen and everyone should be okay with it.


It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that NY Times employees feel uncomfortable at the hands of their fascist co-workers.  With the left, there is no such thing as the diversity of thought.  Anything that doesn’t agree with their agenda amounts to hate and violence, which then justifies their own hate and violence.  If you were to say to a member of the leftist cult that statistical data shows lockdown measures are ineffective, they would seek to silence your voice, by force if necessary.  Meanwhile, completely unevidenced stories that say that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted someone, ran at the NYT to prevent the now-seated Justice from being seated.  That story was later retracted, with little to no consequences to the paper for the violent and false narrative they spun for political reasons.  Not only is it disgusting, but they should also have been put out of business for it.

But facts don’t matter to the left.  You’d think that more of these employees would have departed the paper over it.  I can tell you that if RedState were to be publishing flat out slander, I wouldn’t gamble my credibility here a second longer.  Meanwhile, on the left, it is not only allowed, but it is also encouraged. Why as an employee of this paper, would you stand by and allow for this fake news to continue?  Well, it is a job for one.  I am sure employees of the paper are afraid of where they would end up, not just because the New York Times is home to fascists, but because of the black ball treatment, they would receive from all media should they depart.  Where exactly are they to go?  Is the problem any better at any of the other avowed leftists propaganda publishers?   Could they leave the New York Times for the Washington Post and expect it to be any better, especially in a contracting industry?  God no.


This news seems more of a “sky is blue, bears sh*t in the woods” sort of story.  Of course, when you have loyalty and purity tests as a portion of your employment, you’re going to run into the people who are afraid to speak out.  They all don’t have the luxury of Bari Weiss, to escape from the fascists that threaten them. There isn’t enough room elsewhere.  Those inns are full and likely untrusting of anyone who stood by silently for years as these papers cranked out their propaganda.  It is tough for these writers who feel they can’t write.  You almost feel sorry for them.



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