Andrew Cuomo Is a Proven Fraud and the Media Still Worships Him

Andrew Cuomo Is a Proven Fraud and the Media Still Worships Him
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When it has come to New York’s COVID-19 response, no state has been better… at killing its citizens. In the past few days since it has been revealed that New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo lied and withheld data which likely led to the deaths of thousands of his citizens, the media has continued to lock horns with Florida’s Ron DeSantis, somehow defying data that New York’s response is the worst in the nation.  Obviously, you can expect the sycophantic left to do that.  That comes as no surprise.  When offered an apples-to-a**holes comparison, they will inevitably choose the a-holes.  What really disturbs me is the left’s continued worship, despite the new reports that Cuomo not only lied about the data, but he also lied about it when he was confronted about it.

Whether or not Cuomo’s actions led to the additional deaths is not up for debate.  Whether or not Cuomo covered up and withheld negative data is not either.  Both have been admitted by Cuomo’s own staff this week. What does need to be debated is whether or not Cuomo should even continue serving as Governor.

It is one thing to lie to a people.  That is an unforgivable offense as a public official. It is another thing to lie to your constituency and then to peddle those lies in order to make money.  Let’s not forget that Cuomo wrote his own self-congratulatory memoir, detailing his response to the pandemic, which was released in October.  Cuomo, in the full knowledge that the information contained in his book was complete and total bullsh*t, went on a tour promoting his fecal-loaded diatribe and blaming New York’s failures on the Trump Administration.  The book tour was a veritable who’s-who of unapologetic leftists, who believed the information contained in the book was accurate.  Cuomo lied while people died.  There’s no other way to put it.

Here’s a list of some of Cuomo’s tweets over the course of the period of time of his book release:



Fraud is defined as an intentional deception in order to secure an unfair or unlawful gain to deprive a victim of a lawful right.  In this particular case, the State of New York has laws that dictate transparency for the government, and what data needs to be made available to the people, including, in this case, COVID-19 data.  The Cuomo administration has defined their reason for withholding the information as to their fear that the data would be used against them.  In other words, Cuomo et al. intentionally withheld data and lied about it in order to secure an unfair (in his quest to dunk on Trump) or unlawful (by profiting from the book sales and denying victims of his murderous policies legal recourse) gain, to deprive victims, or in this case, thousands of them, of their lawful right (to know whether or not Cuomo and his administration were responsible). Cuomo is a fraud.  Not one of these ardent supporters, who were there to promote his fraud and web of lies, has come out to denounce him.  Not one. They too are a party to this fraud and as culpable in the deaths and literal slander and libel committed against the Trump administration.  It just goes to prove that everything is forgiven in the cult against Trump, including murder. To them, if thousands of deaths are covered up along the way to defeat Trump, all is well.

Of course, we shouldn’t expect any action on this.  The left is soulless when it comes to their pursuit of an advantage against the right.  Fact is though, anyone who doesn’t denounce Cuomo is a party to murder.

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