PIVOT: Check Out The New Narrative On 'Kids In Cages'

(U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Rio Grande Valley Sector via AP, File)

The media is soulless, as we have so thoroughly covered here at RedState.  Continually and without apology they use language to incite hatred against the right while softening the same policy stance when it is occurring on their side of the aisle.  Remember that the policy of keeping kids in cages wasn’t Trump’s but Obama’s and the media didn’t seem to have a problem with the policy when Chicago Jaysus was locking up the kids into cages.  Then suddenly when Trump became President, these animals in the media swarmed the policy as anti-American and inhumane, selling the “kids in cages” talking point for years.  It was even to the point that the Democrats ran on the issue, promising to reverse the policy, day one.


Of course, we know that hasn’t occurred, but it hasn’t stopped the sycophants in the media from shifting their hatred of Trump from an all-out rejection of the policy to now another more power-puffed term: “Migrant Children.”  While officials have yet to confirm whether or not the policy of “kids in cages” was ever ended, the media now has switched to the more friendly term as to not hurt their Supreme Leader.

The Washington Free Beacon put together a short video showing the sudden and unexplainable change. (and by unexplainable, I mean completely explainable)

If by now you can’t be honest enough with yourself regarding the bias contained in media, there really isn’t any point in continuing to try to understand “the other side.”  The modern-left talks about unity and understanding, but don’t even take a minute to admit the bias of the MSM.  They claim to want to understand the right while bludgeoning Conservatives with narratives that paint them as violent and hateful extremists.  Meanwhile, when the exact same policy is originated under a previous administration and continues under the one following Trump’s it suddenly becomes about “migrant children” as opposed to “kids in cages.” It is criminal what the media gets away with, and frankly, it incites violence and hatred against conservatives.  If one is to believe that Trump was enforcing a policy that both Obama and now Biden have been guilty of enforcing, that somehow dehumanizes immigrants, the standard should be that both are horrible leaders.


But look at me expecting honesty and integrity from the left.  My bad.


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