WATCH: Explosion Rocks Yemeni Airport as New Government Officials Arrive

Just as new Government officials landed at Aden Airport in Yemen, two or three long-distance missiles landed nearby killing and wounding dozens. In the initial confusion, many people ran from the explosions, unaware of where they came from or whether or not more were on the way.Β  Gunfire can also be heard in the background.Β  At this time, it is unclear as to whether or not the gunfire came from enemy combatants on-site, or was panic firing from Yemeni Security Forces.

Initially, the attacks were thought to be vehicle bombs, mortars, or drones with explosives attached, however, video quickly confirmed the attacks were perpetrated through missile attacks.Β  Later, after the new government officials were transferred to a nearby secure location, that location came under fire from rocket attacks.


Due to an ongoing and escalating conflict between The Saudi-backed Yemeni government and the Iranian-backed Houthi Rebels, the source of the attack is likely not questioned.Β  Houthi rebels have been responsible for ongoing rocket and mortar attacks in the country, however, an attack of this magnitude may have come directly from Iran.Β  Iran’s involvement in an attack against Yemen might have gone by with virtually no response, however, with the threat, this attack poised to the Saudi Ambassador, who was on the plane, may change things.Β  The Saudis have become increasingly impatient with Iran’s actions in backing the Houthi rebels and this could be the catalyst in the escalation of aggression between the two countries.Β  Iran has promised cooperation with the Biden Administration, however, it is unlikely the incoming administration will have any conditions for Iran and their elevation in regional fighting.

As more information becomes available, more updates will be available here on RedState.