Watch: RedState's Scott Hounsell Joins Grant Stinchfield For Segment on Wisconsin Data

Screenshot of Scott Hounsell appearance on Newsmax (Stinchfield)

Last night, I had the honor of joining Grant Stinchfield on ‘Stinchfield’ on NewsmaxTV for a segment on the voter data coming out of Wisconsin.  We were also joined by Dick Morris, who discussed the polling aspects of the data leading up to the elections and how the results were far off those numbers.


Among the things discussed were covered in my ‘Excuse Me While I Call BS” series (Arizona coming shortly), in particular Wisconsin, where the data shows some the following statistics:

  • In Milwaukee, Biden underperformed Obama by over 4 points, but just to the north, Biden overperformed Obama by 38 points.
  • This occurred in 4 other counties in Wisconsin
  • Those over-performances resulted in over 80,000 more votes for Biden than Obama received in 2012.  Trump only lost the state by 20,000 votes.
  • These same trends occur throughout swing-states.
  • Those trends either do not occur or do not occur at the level they do in these swing-states, in non-swing states.


Again, whether or not these growths occur as a result of voter/election fraud or in some other potentially illegal means is still yet to be determined by these growths do not appear to be organic and do not occur at this level anywhere else in the country.


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