Watch: This Black Trump Supporter Hilariously Mocks 'Woke' White Family

AP Photo/Jeff Swinger

In a world that people believe that Trump is a ‘white supremacist’, more and more we find that those accusations are leveled by “woke” white people.  In what appears to be a TikTok video of some white-bread family from the suburbs, the trio are lip-syncing to Daveed Diggs, who says some interesting things about the President of the United States and his supporters:


“Donald Trump is a white supremacist – Full stop.

If you vote for him again, you’re a white supremacist – Full stop”

The video cuts to a young black woman who seems really confused.  She’s hilarious:

“Oh, okay, (uncomfortable laugh)… Trump, 2020

This just got awkward… real quick.  (mockingly) White Power!


Do I chase after myself? How does this work?

Um, I just need someone to comment, let me know how does this work.

Do I … white power!… and then run?  How does….

Trump 2020, do better, be better.”

Watch the video here:


Too funny!

The race-baiting left has no response to the support that President Trump has received from black supporters. As the “Trump is a white supremacist” narrative gets nuked by his proven policy successes, the left continues to try to push lies that Donald Trump has never denounced white supremacy (even though he has) and that he has enacted policies that have benefited the black community. It is great that we have brave women of color who are willing to come forward and speak the truth.



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