Hot Takes: Ohio Voter Registration Data; The State Has Lost Voters, Which Party Has Lost More?

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Since 2016, Ohio has lost 86,258 voters, according to data available on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website.  The data, which was only available with the previous election results, shows the state has lost 263,039 voters since 2010, down from just over 8 million voters to about 7,775,000.


Ohio has been a “battleground” state for years, at least through the last 5 election cycles, however, because Ohio doesn’t register by party, acquiring data to ascertain the shifts in voter attitudes becomes more difficult.  As I have done with other states, I have compared registration and shifts within counties to determine voter attitudes and how they may be shifting.  Ohio, like other rust belt states, like Michigan and Wisconsin, has shifted to the right over the last several years.

With the state losing over 86,000 voters since 2016, I wanted to determine who lost the most votes of that number, based upon the data available.  In counties that Clinton won in 2016, which represented 3,766,734 voters that year, they have lost 50,965 voters or a 1.35% drop.  In counties that Trump won in 2016, which represented a population of 4,094,291 voters, they have lost 35,393, or a drop of 0.86%.  While not quite the 2 to 1 margin we have seen in other states, it still provides a glimpse into Ohio’s voter attitudes.  It isn’t until we dig into the counties that Romney won, that the real story comes out…


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