Watch: These Young, Black, Undecided, Women Voters Should Terrify the Left and Their Chances for November

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

MSNBC interviewed three amazing young women who spoke their minds regarding the upcoming election. Each of them addressed concerns they have with voting in the upcoming election, stating that they were truly undecided voters and that they owed their vote to no one.


“I am… totally undecided, I’d write your name in at this point.”

“Usually by now I would have voted already, but I… I’m just not comfortable with either one of them right now.”

“What are you looking for?  What do you need to hear?”

“Let’s start at the crime bill and the fact that, he has not…not only not apologized..”

“Joe Biden”

“He has not only not rectified, every time he reverts back to ‘well it was some… the black caucus members and the church, they were with it too!’ Okay, you fooled them as well!”

“You know, you never said I’m sorry. You know, It’s like… I didn’t do it.”

“I want to hear an iron clad plan.  I don’t want to hear if this or if that or after the election.”

“Does the presence of Kamala Harris on the democratic ticket sway you at all?”


“Not at All”

“I don’t know who said she had our vote. She does not.  We were supposed to grab onto Kamala with the black girl magic.  But that didn’t happen because she didn’t right our wrongs.”

“Like I hold officials accountable, I don’t care what color you are.  And I think that too often we automatically think that because someone looks like you, that they are going to have your best interests at heart and that’s just not simply true.”


WOW.  This has to send panic throughout the Biden campaign.  Biden was supposed to be the Dems’ best chance of winning and with Kamala on the ticket it was supposed to be a lock.  These brave women being willing to speak out in stating that their votes aren’t owned by the Democrat Party or Kamala Harris, or anyone for that matter.

You have to remember that this is after the Democrats and the MSM have done their very best to attempt to paint Donald Trump as a racist and sexist.  It comes after they have attempted to say that Donald Trump won’t denounce White Supremacists and that he holds no respect for women.  If the media narrative isn’t sticking with them, we can assume it likely isn’t sticking with anyone else either. The narrative has failed, and Democrats are terrified.




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