That's Adorable: Check out the Conditions Chuck Schumer Wants on Amy Coney Barrett

That's Adorable: Check out the Conditions Chuck Schumer Wants on Amy Coney Barrett
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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called on Amy Coney Barrett to recuse herself from Obamacare and Election-related decisions should she be confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.  I don’t know what planet most Democrats live on of late, but what in the world makes them think that Barrett or Republicans would ever agree to a request like that?

Isn’t that adorable?  Can anyone remember when Schumer wanted to put conditions on the votes of either Obama nominee to SCOTUS?  Yep, me neither.

Considering that Elena Kagan was confirmed the same year as the passage of the ACA, I’d have expected Schumer to have asked her to recuse herself from any decision-making roles in any cases brought before the court, but of course, you know that never happened.  In fact, can you name a single Republican who made any such requests for either of Obama’s nominees?  Again, me neither.

Democrats are crossing some never-before-crossed lines in some of their requests for Amy Coney Barrett as she starts her Supreme Court confirmation hearings this week.  There will likely be some pretty heavy conflict out of the Senate hearing chambers as this confirmation continues through.  Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) have both taken swipes at Barrett’s religious background, acting like her Catholic faith may somehow be disqualifying, while also ignoring Biden’s Catholic faith.  The only difference between the two is Biden’s actions disqualify him from his faith, while Barrett’s ties to Notre Dame and her policy positions make her a prime Catholic model.

Schumer is insane to think he’s going to get an answer or commitment from Barrett regarding his demands.  His current position within the Senate makes him politically-impotent to really be able to do anything to stop the hearing from moving forward and Barrett’s confirmation to be secured absent any Democrat conditions.

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